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WWFD #68

We're baaaacccckkk......

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The World Cup.



Garino : OK you bastards, get in here. My hair is looking fabolous!

Don : You're nuts are looking crunched!

Garino : Huh? *Captain Don'd.*

Zell : Oi mates, has anyone seem me pants for this week?

Bunji : Zell, is this becomming a running theme now? You get drunk, make a penis joke, and not wear pants? I mean, what the hell? You get more lines than I do!

Zell : Hey, you give the fans a what they want. The ladies love the ZellMiester. And some guys too. The Zell can do it all.

Don : Gentleman please. We all know that I'm still the coolest thing to ever strike this website. Now then, the write-out.

Sherry : So long bastards. *Gone*

Bunji : You know, if she keeps getting written out, she could at least be nice about it...

Zell : I swear, if she didn;t have those boobs, she;d be doing work like the rest of us.

Garino : Work? All we do is sit around kill stuff, and make fun of each other.

Zell : But that's what all the cool kids do.

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