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This folks, is why we should have never been allowed to have a computer.

*Cut to Zell, along in the Kitchen*

Zell *Singing to the tune of "Real American"* : I am a real Australian! Fight for the rights of every beer! I am a real Australian! Fight for your strife, fight for your blight!

Random Merc : *Guitar riff*

Bunji : Zell, can we talk to you please? It's important, and it requires you wearing pants.

Zell : Underoos too?

Sherry : Nah, those are optional.

Zell : *Walks into living room* OK, whatcha need?

Fangoram : Dammit Zell, Pants. Wear pants!

Zell : I refuse to wear pants, for they restrict on my 24 kilometer wing-wang.

Bunji : Zell, we don't use the metric here...

Zell : OK, 15 miles, ok?

Bunji : Anyways, Zell, we think you have a problem.

Zell : Darn right I do! I'm out of beer!

Sherry : No, seriously Zell. You have a drinking problem.

Zell : Am I drinking anything right now?

Fangoram : ....No...

Zell : Exactly. That's because I have no beer! Now who wants to get me some beer before my random Merc's guitar solo ends?

Bunji : Not it!

Zell : Not it!

Sherry : Not it!

Zell : Not it!

Fangoram : Not.....shit. Fine.

Bunji : Wait, what? Zell, did you just get us to get you beer?

Zell : Yeah, I'm good like that. Final Boss powers!*Nothing happens*

Sherry : Umm....Zell...

Zell : Yeah...It worked. It made me grow another ten penis inches.

Bunji : Man, I really need to get those final boss powers...

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HX : Yeah, they only get worse...and by worse, I mean weird.

HB : And by weird, we mean we're never going to get these done.