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Yeah, this is going to be a long one...

Sherry : *Singing to the tune of the Pokemon theme song* I want to be, the very best, like no-one ever could! Sleep with many girls, and prove my lesbo skills are goooood!!!!

Random Merc : *Guitar solo!*

Garino : Sherry, could you come in here? It is of the utmost importance.

Sherry : ....fine.

*Walks through the door*

Sherry : What do you want.

Don : Sherry, this is an intervention. You need help.

Sherry : About....

Garino : USING MY ******* FINAL BOSS POWERS!!!

Sherry : Oh yeah...about that.....

Garino : I swear to Johnny, if you say "Final Boss Powers" and disappear, I will fire, and rekill your ass.

Johnny : *Random appearance* Final Boss powers! *poof*

Sherry : What he said! *poof*

Garino : I swear I hate her....

Back to Special Edition*

HX : ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok.

HB : I could use a guitar riff right now.

Random Merc : *guitar riff*