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Brought to attention by Zell.

Don : *Singing* Transformers, more than meets the Don. Transformers, I forgot the lyrics.

Random Merc : *Guitar riff*

Zell : Hey, Don, could you come her for a moment? We've got to talk to you about something.

Don : Sure....I hope they don't intervene about my Razor Ramon Hard Gay obsession. I love my Hard Gay. Oddly enough...not gay. Strange. But I'm straight, and I'm the Don.

Zell : It is of the utmost importance! Get in here!

*Don walks through door.*

Zell : Don, this is an intervention.

Don : ****, I knew it! It's about my RRHG obsession?

Zell : What? No. For once, not that. This is about....your obsession with ******* the horses.

Don : WHAT!?!?!?

Zell : Yes, you have a problem, having anal sex with the horses. I mean, you're supposed to be running this organization!

Don : But, I never had sex with the horses! It was probably you! Or Garino....

Zell : No, we have video footage! Watch!

*Video Footage*

"Don" : Oi! Look at me! I'm the Don, having consensual sex with a horse! Hand me a Fosters, will you?

Random Merc : *guitar riff*

"Don" : Hey...I'm drunk, and I'm having sex with a horsie. Possibly, Fangoram's...I don't know. All I know is that this is great, and I will do it again, because I'm an addict, and I'm Don. Wait, it's my cell phone. Listen to my new ringtone!

Cell Phone : I am Zell, that's my name, My name is Zell, and I am drunk!

"Don" : And I recorded that myself! Drunk!


Sherry : Where the hell am I? *looks at "don"* Why do everytime I use the final boss powers, I eventually wind up in a film that includes Zell having sex with a horse!

"Don" : I'm not Zell! I'm Don!

Sherry : I have a Fosters....

"Don" : I'm anything you want me to be...

*End video*

Zell : Don, you cannot dispute the video evidence!

Bunji : *Slaps forehead* I don't believe this...

Don : Zell, you're an idiot. *Walks away*

Zell : You can't dispute the facts!

Sherry : Keep going to the part where I get in on the action...

Bunji : Nightow must never see this. Ever.

Back to Special Edition

HB : Yes, we just made Zell have sex with a horse.

HX : Only when he's drunk. Which is all the time.