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Wait, is it even possible for God to have a problem?

Johnny Damon : *Signing to the tune of "Awesome God"* Our me, is an awesome me I reign! From My house above, with wisdom and baseballs, Our me is an awesome me!

Random Merc : *Guitar riff*

Johnny : Yea! Go random merc, go!

Don : Johnny, can you come in here?

Johnny : No.

Sherry : Please? It's serious.

Johnny : No.

Fangoram : We have cookies!

Johnny : Alright, fine...*Teleports into livingroom* Yeah?

Zell : Johnny, you have a drinking problem.

Bunji : That's you, you idiot!

Zell : Oh, right. Johnny, you have a problem. You like to have sex with horses...

Sherry : You again, Zell.

Zell : Right...what was this about again?

Garino : Johnny, you have a God Complex.

Johnny : Close. I am God.

Fangoram : Johnny, you have to stop thinking yourself as God.

Johnny : I am, seriously! How many miracles have I preformed infront of you guys? I turned Don straight, for me sake!

Bunji : He has a point!

Johnny : So....can I go now?

Zell : Not until you fess up about having sex with that cow!

Johnny : Final boss powers!

Zell : Wha? I lost ten of me penis inches! Grow them back, you heathen!

Johnny : Oh, and Fangoram, I think your pony might need some medical attention, after what Zell did to it earlier.


Sherry : Actually, that's was my faul....nevermind, it was Zell...

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HX : *To the tune of "Wild Thing"* HX! You make my Heart sing! You make everything....sexy! HX....I think I love you long time...

HB : *Guitar riff*