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Can we consider this one of the banned episodes?

Narrator : So, when we left off with our "heroes", they just caused millions of dollars worth of damage, which they balmed on Juji. Always blame Juji.

Don : And I got the bastard too!

Bunji : NO! I swear, I'm the not-retarded brother!

Don : Shut up! You're going to work off every cent!

Bunji : Like hell!

Narrator : Anywhoo, now our heroes have arrieved at Swank Beach, the swankiest beach in the Gravemon world...until next season!

Mika : Is this one of them topless beaches?

Rock Leeasaur : I swear, if you take off your top, I'll have Anderson bayonet you dead.

Andersoneotto : And I'll do it too! God will understand!

Graveachu : ............

Billy : As awful as that Was Grave, I have to agree with you. Hey, look, they're having a bikini contest! Maybe we can enter Leeasaur! He looks enough like a chick!

Leeasaur : I will kill you dead.

Billy : I'm a ghost, dumbass, I'm already dead.

Andersoneotto : I can preform an exorcism!

Billy : Been there, done that.

Andersoneotto : I didn;t want to say this, but alright...tranny lover.

Billy : One freaking time!

Mika : 2, actually.

Billy : You shut your whore mouth.

Mika : Hey, let's all join that contest!

Graveachu : ...........

Leeasaur : Yeah...what he said.

Mika : What he say?

Billy : Umm....nothing that can be repeated within 500 yards of a school.

Mika : Well, I'm still going to enter. *Walks away*

Billy : Quick, let's ditch her.

voice #1 : To protect the world from the PlayStation 3!

voice #2 : Also from PS2 and the Nintendo Wii!

Voice 1 : With Microsoft and Gears of War!

Voice 2 : To unite all people within our Corp!

Voice 1 : Black widow!

Voice 2 : Steve Downes!

Black Widow : Team X-Box 360, blasting off at the speed of HD!

Steve Downes : Surrender now, or else Herps ye shall receive.

Leeasaur : Wait, did you just say that you would give us Herpes?

Andersoneotto : Been there, done that.

Everyone else : *Stares at Andersoneotto*

Andersoneotto : What?

Black Widow : Riiight....anyways, hand over your Gravemon!

Billy : They're not mine...but take them anywas!

Leeasaur : Hey, Billy, up yours.

Steve Downes : Right...Widow, we will get them later. We have other business to attend to. 360, away!

BW : Away!!!

*They vanish...into the same dressing room Mika went into.*

Lee : Hey, didn't Mika go into there?

Anderson : Aye, she did.

Grave : .......

Billy : Well Grave, those two are idiots. So, they won't do anything to her. Even so, I'm up for a free peak of the other attractive ladies there. Nice.

Anderson : Or, since the contest is starting right now, we should watch that. Since all of the hot women would be over there.

Billy : He's got a point.

Grave : ........

Lee : Gross.

*Two minutes later.*

Narrator : Now, that was pretty freaking hot! Next is Mika Asagi Condorbrave!

Mika : Hey all!

Crowd : *Hollars!* *Catcalls!*

Narrator : Every one of you who just cheered will now be arrested for pedophilia!

Crowd : *AWWW!!!*

Narrator : And next, we have...Black Widow and Stevearina Downes!

Black Widow : We all know you love girl gamers!

Steve : Look at my breastices! *He inflates them...and they grow*

Crowd : *"HOORAY! BOOBS!"*

Narrator : Yeah, I need to start drinking....

Mika : ....that...can't be right.

Lee : Now, Billy, remember, that's ---

Billy : Finish that sentence, and I finish you with my guitar. Awright.

Lee : I know how to kick that guitar to make you hurt.

Anderson : That reminds me of that one nun...she turned out to be a dude...

Grave : ...........*Blows everything up, takes bikini contest trophy, and runs.*

Mika : Grave, is your answer to everything "blow stuff up and run!*

Grave : *thumbs up!*

Black Widow : But, my trophy!

Steve : But, my boobs!

Crowd : But, her boobs!

Narrator : Oh, she's a dude!

Someone in crowd : Sweet Johnny, she's got a penis!



Mysterious Guy who you should know by now : When the crap am I finally going to debut? I wanted to join in the bikini contest and everything!

Sherry : *Warps in* Where the hell am....*looks at Mysterious Figure*....hello....


Back to Gravemon!

HB : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p86KvYkmLiM - explain that.

HX : I think I explained it well enough in the video.