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Winter Wonderland

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As Performed by Don, Sherry, Bunji, and Zell

Don : Alright everyone! The sooner we sing this crap, the sooner we sell it, and the sooner I get richer!
Sherry : And the sooner we get the hell out of here, the sooner I can make out with Lindsay Lohan in the back! I want me a piece of that redhead's sweet, sweet ass.
Bunji : Zell, how in the hell did we get roped into TWO Christmas songs?
Zell : Well, we're going to produce a third song next. So, if the people aren't sick of us now, they never will be.
Bunji : The only way we can be more overexposed on this site is if we recieted all of our lines through our bare asses.
Zell : That certainly is a possibility, mate.
*Song Starts!*
Don : Sleigh Bells ring, are you listening?
Zell : No....I'm kinda drunk.
Bunji : In the lane, snow is glistening.
Zell : Watch as I write my name in the snow! *ZIP!*
Sherry : A Beautiful Site, we're happy tonight!
Zell : Z - E - L....
Don, Bunji, Sherry : We're walking in a winter wonderland!
Don : In the meadow, we can build a snowman?
Zell : Isn't "snow" slang for nose candy? That stuff is bad for you.
Sherry : The pretend he is Alexander Anderson.
Zell : That dude has a bayonet chain that expodes. I wish I had one.
Bunji : He'll say: Are ye undead foul creatures that are abominations against oor God? Like Vampires and Rappers?
Zell : We'll say : No man! But you can do the job the next time you're in town!
Don : When it snows, ain't it thrilling?
Zell : No. I'm usually drunk anyway, so who cares?
Bunji : Though your nose will get a chilling.
Zell : Man, whoever first wrote that song must have really liked cocaine.
Sherry : We'll frolic and play, and once I'm done here, with Lindsey Lohan, I'll have my way....
All : Walking in a Winter Wonderland!
Zell : Hey, how do you spell "Zell?" I've got a Z, E, L, and a & symbol.
*End Song!*
Sherry : Lindsey Lohan, here I come! *Disappears!*
Zell : No, really! How do you spell "Zell?" I want to finish writing my name in the snow with my urine!
Bunji : Zell, that's electrical equipment!
Zell : Oh! So that's why it shocks me when I pee!
Don : Dumbasses.
Random Merc 120 : Dynite.
Don : Damn. *STATUE'D!*

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A Random Merc Record, in accociation with Dynite Records, HallowBastion Writings, and Gungrave Productions.