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More witty banter, from us to you.

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From Gambit : Well About the whole Bunji Is NOT DEAD stuff. Well in the anime he is. I heard once that animals can sense spirits. Perhaps the cat saw Bunji's spirit? Besides what happened to the Blue(anti Superior) stuff on his face? He is probably deceased :(.

HB : 'ey, mon ami. 'Tis Gambit, mon chere.

HX : Hey HB, ferme la bouche. Well, the thing is, how did Bunji come back for OD. It's almost like he disappeared at the end, for who knows what. That, and if he could heal himself, why didn't he?

HB : He was probably out of energy, or something like that. Anyway, him being brought back was the result of Garino.....we won't ask "why", but it was his fault, most likely. Mon ami.

HX : Yeah, more than likely. Garino was involved in it somehow. And we won't know until there's a GunGrave OD anime.

From : Z the Bomb - You guys messed up on the Fangoram count. It goes 40, 41, 43.

HX : We know. We even stated it. It said in 43 "You know what, Fuck 42."

HB : Not the literal fucking of the number 42. Because that would be wrong. And impossible. If you actually managed to fuck the number 42, you have problems and should see a psychologist post haste....

HX : Like HB here. He once had an affair with the letter Q. Sick bastard.....

HB : Ok, at least it had breasts.

HX : Yeah, they're about the same size of yours.

HB : Well, at least Q puts out. Unlike the letter Y. How is that relationship going for you?

HX : First, Q puts out because because he is a whore.

HB : Well, at least I'm screwing Q, instead for getting screwed by Y.

HX : OK, this has gotten from insulting to just awkward and messed up.

HB : Please, no one commit us.

From Zell : Dear guys, thanks for keeping me straight and drunk %97.5 of the time.

HX : No problem Zell. We needed to keep at least one person straight, other than Billy.

HB : And we needed to keep someone drunk other than Bunji at least 96 percent of the time. So, you were the lucky one man.

From Garino : Hey guys....thanks for making me a gay necrophiliac....you fucking assholes.

HX : Actually, you're the one that fucks assholes....and one more comment like that, and you'll be replaced with Richard Simmons.

HB : That shouldn't be much of a stretch.....

HX : True....less whining though...and more workouts....

From Grave : .................

Translating Billy : He says, congrats on one year. You guys are both fucktards, who.....wow, even I'm not going to say that.....

Translating Bunji : He said something about you, Snoopy, a dead parakeet, and Carmen Sandiego.....yeah. Fun stuff man.

HB : Wow....well, I'd like to be in Carmen Sandiego....

HX : First off, you're a sick bastard. Second, she's a freaking cartoon.

HB : Hey.......I bet someone has cosplayed as her. I'm hoping it's not Garino, but I'm willing to bet someone has. So......shut up.

HX : And third, Carmen Sandiego's a lesbian, at least according to Sherry.

HB : Wouldn't doubt it....

From Sherry : Thanks for helping me acomplish my dream of sleeping with every woman I come across.


From Bear Walken : Thanks for changing my lines from everything intelligent to "I'm Bear Walken"

I'm Bear Walken

HX : It was all HB...kill him.

HB : It was actually all HX....kill him first. Can I have your autograph, Mr. Walken?

HX : That is completely untrue. You're the Bear Walken fanboy. Freaking weirdo.....

From Juji : ejasfd5hr80[890[tgefnknfaklsnfal;asnf.lknflknfd;hthn30

HX : It'd help if you weren't blind Juji, that way you could see the keys.

HB : Is that a Hellen Keller joke HX? Because that's just wrong......

HX : Not exactly....Juji can at least hear.

HB : That's not cool HX. You're Hitler....

Juji *from out of nowhere* : SIEG HAIL!

HX : No, that's Hitler.

From Don : Thanks for making me straight again.

HB : Yes yes, and for writing you back into the WWFDs too. But hey, we'll still have you eat special mayo from time to time.

HX : You win some, you lose some.

From Bunji : Hey guys, congrats on your one year. We've had fun killing people, getting drunk, watching Sherry's 'videos'....good times.....

HB : No Bunji....thank you.

HX : Without you, we'd suck more than we allready do.


HX : Umm.....Yeah....Because of your retardness, we're actually popular.

HB : Yeah....that pretty much sums it up. Who's next?

From God : Hey guys, thanks for killing off Pat Robertson....he's a real ass. He was starting to make me look bad...

HB : Well, it was our pleasure to kill of the hypocritical douchebag several times during the course of our WWFDs. Cause he sucks.

HX : Yes, indeed, it was great. And look out...for our T-Shirts!


Yeah....we could only but wish we could make these....maybe someday....

From Rob : hey guys its rob I really wanna join the fourm but my email is gay and doesn't receive new messages since like september 2 years ago could I put in one of your guys emails or something so you can activate it please?

HX : First off, how can an e-mail be 'gay'?

HB : I don't know.....Hotmail seems a little fruity to me....

HX : Second, you can just send it to us. ameliagabriev@yahoo.com Just tell us what you want your password and screen name to be. And third, you might want to get a new email account. We suggest Yahoo, Google, or the fruity Hotmail.

HB : Well, yeah. That's.....pretty much it. Have fun on the forum, or as we like to call it.....the forum. We're not too creative.

From Blitz : http://yu-gi-ohsaysmarijuanaisbad.ytmnd.com/

HB : My name is Kurt Angle and what the heck....I won a gold medal with a broken freaking neck.

HX : You better step off, cause we ain't friends.....I'm moving on up like The Jeffersons!

HB : You don't scare me no no no, I may suck, but you just Blow! Word!......yes people, that was the Kurt Angle Battle Rap.

HX : http://kurtsbattlerap.ytmnd.com/ He's the Doctor of Huganomics!

From probably blitz : Fangoram Vs. America because they won't release Namco X Capcom, GODAMNIT I'M STILL PISSED ABOUT THAT! oh well whenever the site is ready I can finally submit my cheaply made videos

HX : Well, the site is under construction. Hopefully, when we learn HTML and that crap well be able to at least put up a pic.

HB : And I heard about Namco X Capcom.....that's tough. I wanted that game too. Rival Schools forever!

From Vicious00009 : Hey guys I still love the site I just found out recently a Gungrave manga is being released. I don't know how many volumes but I think its just going to be an adaptation of the anime its being released 1/18/06. Since its the only thing new happening with Gungrave I
though I'd let you know.

P.S. heres a link

HB : http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=10-918

We know. It's an Ani-Manga.

HX : And they suck. Real manga is where it's at.

From HX - Dear HB, I am typing this from Comp USA.


HX : That guy is the coolest person, ever!

HB : Eh, You're just a bunch of queens.

HX : Queens? As in, more than one? Are you calling yourself one HB?

HB : A paradox, eh? Well, I'm calling the you who wrote the message a queen, and I'm calling the you now a queen. Therefore, since there are technically two of you, since you existed at different periods of time, you're both hella gay.

HX : Umm....how can there be two me's? The one that typed that is the same one that is going to kick your ass. Same guy, different time periods.

HB : Yes, and if I pulled the you from that time period to this time period, there would be two yous. And you both suck.

HX : Yes, the thing is, you can't pull the me from the past to now. We're not in the freaking Matrix, moron. Next message....

HB : Before we head on, I want to state one thing. If I could pull people from the past to the current, I would pull Andre the Giant from the past so he could sit on you. It would be hella-funny.

HX : I'd get Hogan. 80's Hogan. Yeah, checkmate. Next message!

From some Guilty Gear fanboy : tekken? Soul Calibur? BAH! True fighting comes from 2D action, I'll pwn both of you in Guilty Gear XX# Reload on X Box or PS2, once i figure out Xbox live and if you have Xbox live then bring it on!
(I.E. Chipp Zanuff, Sol, and maybe even Baiken, if you are unaware of the GGXX then die then come back pull out 19 bucks and play it.)

HB : Hey hey hey....2D fighting is cool too, I mean, I am the undisputed Street Fighter 2/3/Alpha champ among a rather large group. However, 3D fighters are just as good as 2D fighters, if not better in some areas. Plus, I can't die, and I just preordered Kingdom Hearts 2 (JPN version), so I'm not buying ANYTHING right now......

HX : Fisrt off...HB and I never faced in Street Fighter, but he'd probably beat me anyways. But still, I have never lost to him. AAs for Guilty Gear, I've never played it. Nor do I have a XBox. I am thinking of getting a 360 though. Thinking, not positive.

From whoever : boondocks.... enough said

HX : Wait....Enough said? There's plenty more to be said!

HB : Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you get a boner thinking of it? Do you think if it were placed in a washing machine, it would feed? Or come out Sparkly shiny and crap? There are plenty of questions to be asked, my boondockey friend.

HX : The Far Side.

HB : Calvin and Hobbes.

Us : Enough said.

From....I dunno...shakira? : http://home.comcast.net/~sailorptah/ultimate.jpg good
news guys gals and HB, new hellsing is coming out dec-9, so be ready and be happy with that popcorn cause it's supposed to follow the manga, (Integra with sword, gay fat man etc.)

HX : Hey, I like Hellsing just as much as HB.....except I don't order the Japanese version......because I can't understand Japanese.

HB : Well, eh. All you know about Japan is that the girls are freaking hot. Anyway, yes, I am a huge Hellsing fan....even more so than HX, and don't let him convince you otherwise, and I am excited for the OVA as well.

From some guy : hey nice job w/ those costumes, and could you tellme about how you made the weapons?

thank you

HX : Well, I had an idea. What if you joined our forum, along with the person who made them, that way you ask him yourself. Because it would be against privacy policy to release his email address.

HB : That is a cheap plug, and you know it. Do you know how you can avoid these things? By.....joining our forum, of course! Next message!

From some guy : hey nice job w/ those costumes, and could you tellme about how you made the weapons?

thank you

HX : HB, please tell me the guy didn't just send the same e-mail twice?

HB : Well, let us face it, my friend. There is no possible way this guy sent it 3 times. No possible way.

From some guy : hey nice job w/ those costumes, and could you tellme about how you made the weapons?

thank you

HX : ........No possible way, eh HB?

HB : Well, I stand corrected. Stupidity outweighs odds. Where is our God now?

Damon : Right here.

HX : God, not son of God.

Damon : Oh......he's a little.......pre-occupied.....

HB : You just had to involve Johnny Damon........

HX : Yes. Next message, and I'm hoping that this isn't the same guy again.

From Will : Hello, I\'m e-mailing you, along with my best friend, to ask more about how you made Grave\'s and Juji\'s weapons and clothes? Both of us want to cosplay as them and your costumes and weapons are by far the best versions we have seen. Please E-mail me so we can discuss it further.

HX : Thank God! Different guy! As for your question, look at the answer of the ones above.

HB : Yes, since we had nothing to do with it. But the great guy who did that would be glad to help. Now, we have one have one more message. There is no possible way that this can be a repeat. None. Nil. Not a chance in hell.

From......Will....again : Hello, I\'m e-mailing you, along with my best friend, to ask more about how you made Grave\'s and Juji\'s weapons and clothes? Both of us want
to cosplay as them and your costumes and weapons are by far the best versions we have seen. Please E-mail me so we can discuss it further.

HX : ............There is no God!


HX : .....Thank you Howard Dean.

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HB : No Good!
HX : I shall assist in your suicide!
HB : No Good!
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HB : You're quite the rude one.
HX : Repent!
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