Cerberus Overdose......A Gungrave fansite

Gungrave Fan Stuff

Yeah, a fan page... if we only had fans...

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We actually have something to show on this page!!!

Some Pictures!

Grave Fanart...

Bunji from OD

A pic with the main characters..sans Grave..from OD.

Gungrave OD pic by Blitz...

Bunji Pic by Gynocrat/Kheelan...

Pics from Blitz, based off of WWFD? #37

Brandon Heat's cosplay pics, now on a different site, because we're poor...



"Lost" By Britney Jones

WWFD? by BlitzAce.

WWFD? By Blitz....with Alucard.

WWFD : Fangoram vs. Fangirls by Gynocrat

Another Blitz WWFD, this time, with emo kids.

The Fourth Blitz WWFD.....you have been warned.

The fifth Blitz WWFD. Check your sanity at the door.

The 6th Blitz WWFD....you know the drill. Brainz in that basket ovr ther.

Blitz WWFD #7....Blitz vs. Space!

Blitz WWFD Holiday Special


This is where we put stuff that the fans made, if we had fans....
Will you be our fan?
We'll give you a dollar.....
Well, if you want to submit stuff like pictures, fiction, and whatnot, we'll put it up.
You can send it to either one of our e-mails :

HB's - theimmortalkevinmask15@yahoo.com
Spam us, and we'll spam you back though......with pictures of naked fat people......
Disgusting, no?...
So, e-mail us with stuff or if you have any questions or comments....we'll give ya the credit or we'll answer you, and put it up....since we're nice like that...


OK, two dollars then...please???....