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It's so hard to say good bye.......

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Well, this is the linkage page to other GG sites around the net, or any other site really.
Feel free to send links to us, and link to us. We don't mind. Just don't spam us, and we won't spam you. It works like that.
For now, we only have a few links to offer.
www.gungrave.com - the official site. It's in Japanese, so it would help to have Japanese text availible. Offers info for the anime and both games, as well as a store and Japanese links, etc.
www.gungravedvd.com - the official site for the English DVDs. It's in English.....
Has info, trailers, etc.
http://www.tv.com/gungrave/show/22180/summary.html an episode guide. It's done Azure, and it's pretty good. You want episode summeries? Give this one a try.
Send in those links! Or link to us! Just be sure to ask us!


 - This site is done by ArsenalLynx, and for the moment, there is just pictures there. But it's worth a view. Check it out sometime.


Elegant Madness...(warning...Yaoi/Shonen-ai) Still, it's a pretty good site.

By the way, our makeshift banners are now available...so...scroll down....


The Brandon Heat fan-listing go there to be...listed or something...

Endless Rage, a great Gungrave fansite!


Even Zell had fun at Cerberus Overdose! Be sure to visit us again!





Feel free to use the banner and link to us.....just....well....no OMP.

Au Revoir....farewell....see you again?
Just don't call the crazy house on us......please?