Cerberus Overdose......A Gungrave fansite

A Gungrave fansite....
Featuring Gungrave, Gungrave T.V., and Gungrave Overdose....

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Under Construction......


Switching things up pic time!

5/24/08 Holy crap, we finally updated. A new WWFD is out. Keep sending us those messages. You know, with content and stuff.


http://endlessrage.net/gg - go and enjoy!


Our Forum!

Currently under construction.....but, expect to see a kick ass Gungrave fansite....

since there's like, none in English....
Small HB Edit - It is come to our attention that there is...well...one. But, due to their lack of Fangoram and Fangoram related adventures....yeah.


Expect to see info, pictures, character profiles, and some fan stuff in the future when the site is up completely.


-------Hallow Bastion/HellXell-------

We have a forum now! Please join! We'll behave....kinda.....

The Official Cerberus OverDose Forum!

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