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Yeah, maybe there is a vast Wal-Mart conspiracy going on in the GunGrave world, we don't know...

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This is about where we discuss the many pissible theories regarding the GunGrave universe.  Send us in what you think, and maybe we'll put it up.
Or the porno account : ameliagabriev@yahoo.com ....you can e-mail, but you'll be among the porn. Yay.

Theories and Concepts: Ok, lets get it started.
Theory #1
One theory is that Glock, the scientist that takes over the research after Dr. T. disappeared, has some sort of connection to Garino.  If you notice in volume 4 of the dvd, episode 16, Glock looks kinda like Garino, possibly his father or uncle.  That, and they both have an extensive knowledge about both SEED and Deadmen. Glock is partially responsible for the deadmen in the Gungrave anime, while Garino is fully responsible for the deadmen in Overdose : Fangoram, Juji, Sherry, and Bunji.
However, this has yet to be proven. Will it be proven? No one knows.
How 'bout another one, ok?
Concept #1
Light and Dark : Brandon and Harry;
It seems that Gungrave contains quite a lot of light/dark symbolism (Kingdom Hearts anyone? Hmm....? Come on....throw me a freakin' bone here!).  Brandon, even though he's the 'good' guy, he always wore dark colored suits..  He was a sweeper : his job was to kill. However, he wasn't a horrible person....he just saw it as a necessity for the Family. Harry, on the other hand, wore white because he never really had to get his hands dirty, like Brandon.  Infact, before he killed Brandon, the only other people he killed were Deed and Canon Vulcan (Lee's brother). Harry did everything to make himself look good to the Family; He was the frontman while Brandon worked in the shadows.
Which brings about more light/dark symbolism in Episode 14....the Elevator scene.
Brandon went right near the window in the elevator, where the light was.  Harry stayed in the dark.  Can that get anymore obvious?
Also in that scene, after Brandon dropped his gun....it landed in between both the light and the dark.
Forshadowing? Yes, we think so. The gun is used for many, many bad deeds throughout Gungrave.....many of those are because of Harry. However, it is used for redemption and revenge....mainly because of Brandon/Grave.
Concept #2
The eye's know all...
There is so much eye symbolism that it bears mentioning.  First, Grave's coffin:
Brandon was shot in his left eye.  On his coffin, the skull's left eye lights up while the right eye has cables going into it, to represent technology flowing into the body, and the left eye to represent the loss of Brandon's left eye.
Oh yeah, we see Bunji's, Lee's, and Bear's eyes each once ever in the whole series.
Bear's eyes are red, kinda like blood, Lee's and Bunji's are regular colored, we guess.  Those episodes haven't come out yet.....
And we're too poor to import them.


You can kinda see it...if you squint....by the way, thank you Gamespot for the picture...we await the pending lawsuit.

Fan concept #1 : From Sharkey -

The colour red forshadowing ill events to come. Maria's dress, Brandon's last car before he dies, Harry's glass of wine at the mansion. Grave's whole outfit etc.

Fan Concept #2 - from Merci -

I'm addicted to the games, and noticed something upon playing GGOD for the fifth time through. It seems odd to me, and perhaps someone has an answer for it (hell, do whatever you want with this, I just thought I'd pose the question). The scene I'm refering to is the one in which Grave returns from kicking some ass to find that the truck has been ripped up, and everyone is all unconscious, bloody, etc. Juji is all, "Spike betrayed us! Here's how it went down!" and then we're treated to a scene in which we see Spike messing with Mika from JUJI's POV. Perhaps it says something about my observational skills, but after I saw it for the fifth time, I was all, "Hey wait... HE'S BLIND!" Ah, any reason why the blind guy could see what was happening? Also, wouldn't the Seed NOT mess up his vision since it's meant to convert living matter to be alien? Unless Garino carved out his eyes, then he should be able to see fine, right?

-Juji isn't truely blind....he has that face-patch to hide where he has his SEED.

-His enhanced senses are the result of his martial arts training (Kutaba), along with the SEED.

Fan concept #3 from Dillon : More Eye Forshadowing:

During episode 14 theres a lot of scenes in which the sun or moon shines on Brandon's left I blocking it from being views. It's possible this is forshadowing.

HX : Another good find. In Gungrave, there are tons of forshadowing going on, so this fits right in there.

HB : Good Jorb.

HX : Thank you HB for yet another Homestar Runner reference.

Here's a theory from Beth W._The Gungrave girl (who HellXell loves dearly.)-

A theory about Billy's past :

I think that as charming and a lady's man as he seems
his past may have something to do with murder. After
you fight Zell Billy says "Killers end up dying
horrible deaths, believe me I know." Or something to
that extent. Also his idea of a perfect woman is his
grandmother and phycoligically childeren look for
people who are a lot like their parents which also
leads me to believe his grandmother raised him.

Us : As for the Billy backstory, we may never know, until Nightow makes something else. Excellent theory.

(As for the Grave thing....errr....have fun with that. *See picture*)

Theories from Vicious00009 -

Well you said your desperate so i'll give you a couple of theories I have..

Theory one: Why is Fangoram so pissed at Grave?

They never explain it in the game really but I think i have an idea as to why. In the anime you notice in episode 13 (I think its 13) When Dr. T shows Harry the "Necro-rise version 2" They look alot like Fangoram the way their
built and in the face too. Then in episode 15 (I think its 15) When Brandom is first necro-rised he kills all of the Proto-type Orcmen. Then playing Overdose for the 5th time as Grave I noticed in the fight with Fangoram, Fangoram yells something like "GRRAVVVVE You killed orcmen you killed my friends" Which leads to believe that Fangoram is so hell bent on killing Grave to avenge the death of his proto-type orcmen friends. I'm not really
sure if this theory really works considering the games and the anime follow two different story lines. But I don't understand why else Fangoram is always so GGRRRRAVVVVVEEEE all the time. Perhaps Grave stole his brain.

Theory two: You can unlock everything in Gungrave OD by beating it on Kickass once :
Okay this one isn't really a theory but I need to inform everybody I can. I found on a cheat website that everything is unlocked if you beat it on Kick ass once. It was so hard I slaved for two days pressing that square button until my thumb began to get blisters. and finally on the second day I delivered the final blow to Garino for the 6th time! I couldn't wait to unlock everything hoping that perhaps one of the unlockable features would be a trailer for Gungrave 3. But i unlocked...nothing! This cheat is bullshit don't waste your time. It'll piss you off to no ends. Fuck
whoever posted that bullshit cheat.

Theory three: More light and dark symbolicness stuff (WARNING: This theory is a major spoiler if you haven't seen the last episode to Gungrave the anime)

When Brandon (Grave) and Harry reunite in the bar where they started it all, HArry shows Brandon he kept the two guns, The one Brandon tried to kill Harry with and the Gun Harry killed Bradon with. Harry's gun was white representing his white/light exterior, while Brandon's gun was black representing his black/dark exterior... At the end of the episode After both Brandon and Harry are weakend on the verge of dieing they are still clinging on but just barely....Then they decide that when they are ready to
shoot each other, You notice that Brandon uses Harry's white gun while Harry uses Brandon's Black gun. Its as if They are showing their true selfs Brandon is finally shown to be the Light good person he was his whole life using
the white gun while Harry is revealed to his black and evil self using the black gun. Then they can finally die as they two guns fire....as if Brandon's light (white gun) conquers Harry's darkness while Harry's dark (black gun)
conquers Brandon's dark. Only then could they truly rest in peace.

Well thats about it I hope you have seen the last episode by now hah. Tell me what you think and i'd be honored if they got posted on the theory page :-D


From someone with no shift key with CRAAZZZY ideas : hey yo heres a mini theory, it kinda mixes in with the
light and dark theory.Notice in the last episode how Grave looked like donna versache after his body became really weak. maybe that too has some symbolism look Grave had grey hair and tanned skin when he was off killing people but when he was done killing and threw the cerebus gun to the floor his skin was a dark brown from his sins but like his eye his hair lightened up to a pure color. his eye was almost a florescent hazel color and his hair was a pure white, and when he laid on the floor his body was covered in sun light while harry still had pale skin and dark hair, and his face was hidden in the shadows and he stood over grave possibly suggesting that the darkness has not yet been overcome... I'm sensing a spin off to OD are you?

From "Roar!"/Kyle (Yes, we are still updating the site. See Thursday's WWFD!)
Hey, I was just browsing your site
and I thought I might let you know about one of the theories I have had
for some time now concerning Gungrave.

First let me say that you have a great site, and that it's great to
find other people out there who, like myself are obsessed with Gungrave.

Theory: Gungrave's similarities to Shakespeares Macbeth. (possible
spoilers to the book and the anime)

I first noticed the uncany similarities between Gungrave and Macbeth
when I was reading it in school. It was around the same time that G4 was
showing the episodes of Gungrave on TV. I compared Harry's blind ambition to
that of Macbeth, and how they both would do anything to gain ultimate controll
no matter who they would have to kill. For Macbeth, he rises through the
ranks through bloodshed, and finally kills Duncan, the king, to become king
himself. This is very similar to the way Harry rises through the ranks
and kills Big Daddy, to become the new boss. Brandon is very similar to
Macbeth's good friend, Banquo, who is at first supportive of Macbeth,
but then realizes his plan and is killed. Another thing to be noted is the
similarities between their names: Harry McDowel=Macbeth; Brandon
Heat=Banquo. The similarities stop here, however, as Banquo does not
come back from beyond the grave to kill Macbeth :(, yet I believe the
similarities should be noted.

Hope this helps?

          Dr. Kyle
HB : I can't speak for HX here, I see what you're saying. However, there is another character from Macbeth who should be worth noting as a comparison for Brandon : Macduff. Especially in the game, as Macduff is the one, who previously had a relationship gone sour with Macbeth, is the one to kill Macbeth.
That, and the obvious Duncan/Big Daddy reference, which was already noted.
Although, we all know that Lady Macbeth was the one who wore the pants in that relationship...

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