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Another fne animation that we are so gracefully ripping off

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So, we've decided to rip off more anime's. Can you blame us?

Epsode one, the beginning.

Episode two : The new friends!

Episode 3 : Super Confrontation Supreme!

Episode 4 : Massive Gym Battle!

Gravemon 5 : Mysterious Foe Appears!

Gravemon 6 : Team X-Box 360 debuts! Go Grave and Anderson!

Episode #7 - It's the 7th one.

Episode #8 - New friend, Rock Lee-asaur!

Gravemon #9!

Episode #10 -Super hot burning Filler episode! Mysterious rival returns!

Episode 11 - Super hot blooded battle with rival - Mika vs. Bear, Lee vs. Lee!

Episode 12 : Missed Plot Hole! Delinquency aboard the S.S. Alien Head!

Episode #13 - Super Long Special! Giant Robotic Gravemon on the Mysterious Island!

Episode 14 - Dear God, we need help! It's that episode!

Episode 15 - Mysterious Girl! Billy and Steve looking for breasts!

Gravemon episode 16, the one with the multiple Kumagoro beams.

Episode 17 - Kumagoro Beam! Mika confronts the Mysterious man....and Billy's there too.

Episode 18 - The one where Mika gets her badge!

Episode 19 - Mysterious Woods! Onward towards the next badge!

Episode 20 - Ambush attack! No Moonpies!?!?!?!?!

Episode #21 - Steroid Freak vs. Mika! Furious Gym Battle under the moon!

Episode #22 - Mika's Great Escape! Mysterious Man vs. Team X-BOX!

HX : So HB, do you think this will be successful?

HB : *Playing Pokemon...while doing the Butt-Head impersonation*

HX : I take that as a yes.