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HB's Rants....thingie

HB : Welcome to the rant section.....

I suppose I'll title this "Rant 1", being the bastion of creative power without the Hallowness.

HB Rant 1 :

What the fuck is Jack Thompson thinking?

Does Jack Thompson think? Why is Jack Thompson still breathing? My goodness, his stupidity should have killed him off years ago.

I'm sure most of you have heard of Jack's idea for a game. Well, when someone finally offered to take him up on his retarded, hypocritical idea, Jack backed down. He claimed it was "satire"....and the internet community did not understand is "wit"....

Well, someone made the game, even though it was a mod of SA, it still counts. Put up that 10 grand to charity, and be a man.

We don't get your "satire"? No, we get it. We understand that you are a true asshole.

Go back into obscurity. No one wants you among the rational.


Rant 2 :

So the President finally took the hint. Don't "reluctantly" anything.....she wasn't qualified for the job, never was a damn judge, and....well.....we have enough of your cronies in the government (cough*fema*cough).

And it doesn't help that you're possibly going to be subpenaed in the case involving a CIA leak, and if the West Wing taught me anything, that is a federal offense. And the worst part? YOUR Deputy Chief-of-Staff and Chief Strategist is at the center of it all. Not to mention that Your VP's COS is involved as well, as well as Vice President Cheney himself!

Is it really that bad? Well.....yeah. Yeah it is. Mrs. Miers withdrawing her name is probably the Political equalivant of a kick in the gonads. The junk. The testies. The grundel. The Hoochie mama. The Alabama Slamma. The Grapefruits. The HBs. The HXs. The HX.coms.

You get it.

So, in closing......we know for a fact that there is something wrong in the head with 51 percent of Americans. I'm sorry Republicians, but he's really an idiot. And this is just the icing on the cake.



Is it me, or is the whole world screwed? I mean, we have a President that can't freaking pronounce nuclear right. We have a Vice-President that has both feet in the grave.
We are ran by an elite group of morons.

Most of the top oficials that the White House has chosen are friends of the Administration, with little experience in their field.

But there is hope. Karl Rove is under investigation, Tom Delay is caught under fire for money laundering. This is our hope to save America. We need to look foward to the future, not look back at the past and wish we were there.


Dear Namco, you owe me $$25 for a new controller. Why? Because there only seems to be one level of difficulty of your Tales of Souls mode for Soul Calibur 3 : Fucking impossible.

You know how much of a bitch Inferno was back in 2? Now imagine every person you face in the story mode that hard. And the final boss? His bitchness is far greater than Inferno's, Maxi's, and Nightmare's combined.

Please, for the love of God, tone down the hardness. Oh, and before you say it, I do not suck. I dominated at SC2. I am no chump. Only HB can rival me.

So Namco, please e-mail me back with a rebate for the controller, and possibly send me some pics of some hot female interns you have working there too.

Do the Rants Dance!