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So all of you can bitch and moan, like us! Horray!

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First Rant : Blitz

Blitz rant: Why is it that politicians, plastic
surgeons and buisness men all make more money than people who actually contribute to our society? the teachers and the hospital staff? why do they make so little in comparison. Politicians maintain order, its a position
that shouldn't be placed so high on a priorities list 1 because they suck and 2 they rarely do their job which is to maintain the peace. buisness men just do nothing but make people work under them while they continuously feed their faces in the wealth (damned gluttons). Then plastic
surgeons plus mass media make people insecure about their appearances and basically force people into a paranoia of their own vanity and suck up the money that should be going to the more deserving (charity maybe). Back to politicians because they make more money than they should off the taxes we forcibly pay to them to supposedly do their job, however
that money should be going to our schools to better pay teachers ! and encourage better quality teachers to come out so that the youth of the nation will become more brilliant and our technology can improve at an alarming rate.

HB : Bitch and moan, Bitch and moan, butt dance....

HX : Hey, dont I usually make the obvious Homestar Runner references?

HB : Yes. But, I wanted to see how it feels for once. It feels like funtabulastic brain cell loss. So.....like you, in other words.

HX : Very funny, comming from a man who has worn make-up on multiple occasions.

HB : Hey! That was for a school play, and you know I looked like a Pretty Pretty Princess every single time!

HX : I don't need to insult you niow, you just did it for me. Good pirze!

HB : Webster is your friend. Use him.