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WWFD #49

Fangoram....goes behind the scenes.

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Fangoram....Behind the scenes...



HX : OK you bastards get in here...

Garino : Stop stealing my lines!!

HB : Shut up!

Garino : Waaaaah! *Runs out crying*

HX : We're going behind teh scenes, to show you all what we have to deal with....it's not pretty.

HB : For instance, Fangoram's contract negoations are coming up today, even though he signed a long term deal worth 3 Chicken Selects for every time he shouts "Grave"....

Fangoram :HEIHACHI!!!!!!!

HB : Doesn't count. Anywhoo, Fangoram got himself a new agent, Drew Rosenhaus....

Drew : My client derserves at least 5 per "Grave". He got you guys to the Supere Bowl in your first year.

HX : That was more Don than anything. Besides, we pay him well enough as it is. If we go with 5 per "Grave", we would have to do that for everyone. Who do you think we are, Notre Dame?


HB : You already have the option for the BBQ sauce. You want it gaurenteed? Get the hell out of here!

Drew : 5 or we walk!

HB : Well, fine then. We really don't need you. Astaroth did a fine job last week, as you, Fangoram!

Drew : *Whispering with Fangoram* 4....no lower. And fries too.

HX : Small fry, no salt.

Drew : Small fry, no salt, but honey Mustard.

HB : Deal!

HX : Deal, what?

HB : We'll just steal it from him later.

HX : Ahh...you're an evil bastard.

Drew : We can hear you, you know that?

HX : Yeah, so shut up. 4 Chicken Selects, small fry, and honey mustard. But I get the soda, and HB keeps the toy.

HB : Deal!

Drew : Deal.


HB : Deal isn't signed yet.

Fangoram : .......dammit!

HB : Moving on..we're here at Sherry's trailer. *Knocks on teh door* Hey, open up!

Sherry : *Surrounded by dozens of girls* Can I help you?

HX : We're doing this behind the scenes crap.

Sherry : Well, shut up. Get out of here, things are going to get X-rated. We don't need losers like you around.

HB : We'r not losers, we're winners. Because we can control everything here.

HX : *outside of the trailer with HB* Well, that sucked...

HB : Don't worry, we have a hidden camera in the trailer.

Sherry : Found it, you assholes!

HX : Damn!

HB : Well, she doesn't know bout the second....

Sherry : Found that!

HX : Dammit!

HB : Well, she doesn't know about...

Sherry : Got that too!

HX : Son of a bitch! HB, maybe you shouldn't keep talking about them where she could hear us.

HB : Well, we have one last one...

On tv Screen : *Herb and Garino, doing the well.....you know...*



HX : Ok, send in a camera guy.

Camera guy : *Walks in with camera, thrown out three seconds later, sans camera*...It was well worth it!

HB : Did you see anything?

Camera guy : No....but it was well worth it!

HX : CRAP! Send in the camera girl!

Camera girl *Goes in trailer...camera flies out, shattered, she stays in there*

HB : Dammit! That's it, peep holes! *Looks through peep holes with HX, and sees Garino and Herb....again* AHH!

HX : What the? How the hell did they get in there?

Garino : Final Boss power!

HX : Sherry, you get a paycut!

Sherry : You can't! My contract says that....

HB : Too bad it was written in pencil! Moving on, here we come to the trailer of Zell. Let's see what he's doing.

Zell's trailer sign : Dear guys, I'm taking a vacation since you assholes screwed me out of one last week. I'm in Austrailia for the week. I'll be back later, drunk. Sincerly, Zellphonse H. A. Condorbrave, III, Esquire Prince of Sidney.

HX : Well I'll be damned. He's an esquire?

HB : His names Zellpnonse?

HX : Moving on, here we come up to Bunji, who shares his trailer with his wife/husband, Grave.

Bunji : Aww man, not you bastards again. Can we ever hav some free time?

HB : No. So tell us, what fun things have you been up too?

Bunji : I can't really say bro, it might offend people.

Grave : *Walks out of bathroom, nothing but a condom on*

Bunji : Like that.

HX : ........Kill me.

HB : Me first.

Grave : ...............

Bunji : After they leave.

HX : Wait, why is he wearing a condom if you two are married?

HB : I don't want to know....let's get the hell out of here.

Bunji : Hey man, he wears that because I'm too young to be pregnant..and too dead too.

HX : We're leaving!

HB : Next we have the Don....

Don : My wife kicked me out.

HX : Well, you suck. So why don't you join us in walking around and making fun of people.

Don : Deal.

Billy : Hey, I'm looking for something to steal, you guys have any suggestions?

HX : Well, you could take this camera here and walk nito Sherry's trailer.

Billy : Deal! *Walks into her trailer, and promptly thrown out* How the hell did they do that?

HB : Why don't you leave the guitar outside and float it?

Billy : Alright......*Floats is* AHH!! Herb and Garino!

Don : Next room! Next room!

Billy : .........Allright! Hey, you can't touch me. De ne ne ne na, do do, Stop! Billy Time!

HX : There are batteries in the camera, right?

HB : .........Let's hope so.

HX : Anyways, that's all we have time for, and all we care to show. We'll see you next.....

Juji : Hey, you forgot about me!

HB : Do not put the camera on him! He's wearing a Nazi top, but no pants! No pants!

Don : Hey, is that a swastika on his d.....





Back to the WWFD's...

HX : You know, we forgot about Mika and Spike....again.

HB : Eh, no big loss. Mika was probable watching Tentacle porn and Spike, well, no-one cares about Spike.

HX : I'm sure someone does.....like...umm....Canada.