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G-Cells and you.

The other side of the story.....

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This article is about how Bunji, Billy, and others can speak Gravenese. First, we present our narrator for the evening.....Juji Kabane.

Juji : Yeah, you didn't think it'd be me, huh? I have been told to keep my pants on during this presentation, but I'm not making any guarentees. And besides, at least you're not getting Bunji or Zell like usual. Because they suck.

Don : *Off camera* Get back on topic retard!!!

Juji : Fine......Anyway tonight's topic is The G-Cell. Defined, the G-Cell is a red-blood cell that carries a special gene in it's DNA make up, which allow it to be able to hear and translate the special language, Gravenese. This is unlike the G-Spot, which in women.....

Don : *Runs on screen, and kicks Juji in the nuts.* The power is your----wait, the power is mine, bitch!



Billy : .....it was Juji.....and you're not supposed to be here until the end, so get the hell out of here!

Juji : ......hate....you......cut to first segment....

*First segment, Juji narrating*

The G-Cell only is prevelant in only 0.9 percent of the population. Their parents must have done a shitload of crack to have this outcome, but I digress. There are special exceptions to this rule, and we will get into them later.


Juji : This diagram, horribly photoshopped by the greatest doctors in the world.

*Shot of Garino, HX, and HB*

Juji : Yeah....that explains it. Anyway, this diagram shows how G-Cells come into effect. The G-Cells, or Grave-Cells, usually have to unite with special B-Cells, or Bunji-Cells, to be for this wonderful production of life happen....oh, wait...

Fangoram : BIRDS AND BEES!!!!

Juji : And they call me retarded. Anyway, once the G-Cells and the B-Cells unite, as seen in this picture here, they transform into what is known as the G-B-Cell, or Grave-Bunji Cells. Not very scientific, but who cares. Anyway, once these G-B Cells unite, they release a special horomone into the body, called "Gravydeals", and these "Graveydeals" eventually make their way through the body, and hit the brain. Once there, it changes the communications sector of the brain, allowing it to understand this unique, and utterly retarded language.


Juji : Retarded, like this guy.

Bunji : I swear to God, I will kill you again....

Juji : Riiight. Anyway, this is what enabled Bunji the ability to speak the Gravenese. This occured on their Honeymoon.

Juji : There are exceptions to this rule. The first is Johnny Damon.


Juji : Johnny Damon is Jesus. He's the Son of God. Is there anything he can't do? He walks on water, he saves our souls, he smacks Fangoram......good stuff.

Juji : Next, we have Billy.


Juji : Billy is a ghost that has a spiritual guitar. It's written in the Bible that all ghosts that play electric guitars can speak Gravenese. If it's in the bible, it must be true....unless you're a Pagan.

Juji : And finally, we have Kurt Angle. His ability stems from...well....look at the picture....we've circled it for you to make it easier. And believe me, he has no G-Cells there.


Juji : And that's not a hand there!

And after that, I quit! Goodbye pants!

Mika : Is that a swastika on his p.........

*Meanwhile, with the others*

Sherry : I never meant to be so bad to you. One thing I said that I would never do.

Zell : One look from you and I would fall from grace.
And that would wipe this smile right from my face

Garino : Do you remember when we used to dance? And incidence arose from circumstance.

Herb : One thing lead to another we were young. And we would scream together songs unsung

Everyone : It was the heat of the moment! Telling me what your heart meant! Heat of the moment shone in your eyes!

Bunji : And now you find yourself in 82. The disco hotspots hold no charm for you.

Fangoram : You can't concern yourself with bigger things.
You catch the pearl and ride the dragon's wings

Everyone : It was the heat of the moment! Telling me what your heart meant! Heat of the moment shone in your eyes!

Don : And when your looks are gone and you're alone! How many nights you sit beside the phone!

Johnny Damon & Kurt Angle : What were the things you wanted for yourself! Teenage ambition you remember well!

Everyone : It was the heat of the moment! Telling me what your heart meant! Heat of the moment shone in your eyes!

Everyone : It was the heat of the moment! Telling me what your heart meant! Heat of the moment shone in your eyes!

Fangoram : GROUP HUG!!

*Everyone group hugs*

Zell : Someone's, a grabbing my butt.

Sherry : Sorry, that was me.

Zell : By all means, continue.

Don : .....That better be your hands on mine as well Sherry.

Fangoram : SORRY!

*Teh End*

Back to the WWFD's....

HX : Wow, we actually had Juji say more than three words.

HB : Yeah.....uhh.....Can't really say why.....

HX : Sense of the unknown?

HB : Heat of teh Moment.

HX : Yeah, you made me download that damn song on my compy. Now it's gonna be stuck in my head all damn night.

HB : You're welcome.