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Harry MacDowell

He's the guy who killed Brandon, married and slept with Bear's daughter, took over Big Daddy's organization......I'd say he lead a full life....

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Harry MacDowell


Young Harry from the anime


And Harry from the original game

Harry MacDowell.....what can we say....
Oh yeah, he's kind of the bad guy. And he sucks.
It's not that we want him "dead", it's just that, we don't want him to be alive anymore.
Anyway, this guy was one of Brandon's original crew back in Desolation Alley. He was the womanizer/brains of the operation.
Then Mad Dog Lad killed everyone except him and Brandon. Enter Bear Walken, and Lad dies.
Harry was impressed, so he and Brandon join Millenion. While Brandon is working under some bookies, Harry was moving up in the organization. Brandon soon followed, becoming a Sweeper and Harry the man behind him.
Harry and Brandon joined the family and the whole Code of Iron philosophy. But Harry didn't take it very seriously.
Few years later, Harry kills Brandon, Maria and Big Daddy.  He takes power along with the Big Four backing him up: Bunji, Bear, Bob, and Lee.  He makes Millenion more powerful and more ruthless than ever.
Harry tries to have Mika killed, but fails when she escapes to Dr. T.  She there meets Grave and Harry proceeds to have sleepless nights.
Harry invests in the Orcmen (Orgmen)/SEED/Necrolization Project and makes Millenion more dangerous.
Than Brandon comes back to life (like Jesus), though the necrolization project (unlike Jesus). Brandon, or Beyond the Grave is now coming for Harry's head.
SPOILERS : highlight to view....
Harry : A) Marries Sherry Walken, Bear's daughter.
          B) Causes Big Daddy to come back as a retarded Orgman, whom 
             Grave kills.
          C) Gets killed by Grave.

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Hello Bartender, I'd like a Bloody Harry. No it isn't the gay version of a Bloody Mary....