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Grave VS Bunji, the new Jordan VS Bird

The first of many.

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*On a basketball court*

Bunji : *Holding a Big Mac*

Grave : ...............

Bunji : You'll play me for this Big Mac? Sure. We'll have a shooting match. First to miss loses. Off that backboard, through the window, and hitting Juji.

Grave : *Fires*

Juji : OW!

Bunji : Nice shot, right in the left ass cheek.

Grave : .... ........ ... ....

Bunji : Off the other backboard, through the other window, around the building and hit Juji's Right ass cheek? Deal. *Fires*

Juji : OW! That one went around the building and hit my other ass cheek!

Bunji : Nice, eh? How about this, Through the top of the building, around the street corner, down the block, and hit Zell's beer can.

Grave : *Fires*

Zell : Oi! Two holes in my beer! I can get drunk twice as fast.

Grave : ..... ....... . ... .. ...... ..

Bunji : So you want me to shoot around the building twice, steal Zell's keg, bring it back here, and knock down Zell's beer. *Fires*

Zell : Oi, where's me keg? And who knocked down my beer? It's a damn tragedy.

Bunji : OK Grave, here's one that you definately can't do. Find Amelia Earhart, rob a bank, and hit Fangoram in Billions city.

Grave : *Fires*

Random guy : Hey, there's Amelia Earhart!

Bank Teller : Oh noes!!1! We're were robbed!


Bunji : I'm loving it.

Grave : MacDonalds......

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