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Red Stripe.

Hooray beer!

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Don Suave : *Holding a Red Stripe* Hey there sir, would you say that you're an ugly man?

Zell : Umm...no....

Don Suave : Of course you are. You're an ugly man!

Zell : Oi, you being racist against Australians?

Don Suave : Of course I am! Now here, hold dis beer! *Hands Zell the Red Stripe*

Zell : EH! This ain't a Fosters!

Don Suave : There, now you're a beautiful man!

Zell : Are you hitting on me? I haven't been hitted on since I was passed out and Garino tried to take advantage on me. He was not successful.

Don Suave : Red Stripe, Jamaican for beer! Hooray beer!

Zell : Whoa, I'm part Jamaican! Now all I have to do play the Bongos and smoke pot, and I'll be Bob Marely! One love! One life! Let's get together and we'll be all right...mate.

Don Suave : You sir, are a stupid man!

Back to us selling our souls....

Guitar, bongos, same thing.