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Such a pain in the ass as a boss in Overdose, that he goes up first! Well, not as much hard as he is fun!......don't take that the wrong way.....

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Isn't he a cute little feller?

Fangoram.....ahh yes, the Bunji battle of Overdose, even though Bunji is in OD and you fight him too, but Fangoram is the battle before.....nevermind.
Fangoram is the only person able to wield the Center Head, the 3rd and most Nicholas D. Wolfwood-like of the Cerberus series. (Grave has the other two; Left Head and Right Head)
Center Head looks like Wolfwood's Cross Punisher, and like the CP, the CH is filled with the loving mercy of the Heavens above.
Or not. However, it still looks like the Cross Punisher (or Wolfwood Gun, as people like to call it).
Fangoram is a deadman, and quite possibly the most powerful in existance. He works under Garino as, for lack of a better term, "A sweeper." He almost kills Grave again after the triad's first showdown with Zell's mercs and the final showdown with the Casino Owner SEED monster.
He pops up again after the final showdown with Zell himself to kill Grave, but he is faught off by Rocketbilly Redcadillac (or Juji, if you're using Billy).
He stands in their way, when they are trying to get to Garino. To get to Garino, they must get through him, and his giant Wolfwood Gun.....
SPOILERS : Highlight to see :
Yeah, Fangoram loses to Grave. He has a very Wolfwood-esque death pose as well. You know, when he's leaning against the Cross, saying "Not yet...I can't die yet....", that one.
Poor Guy. We hope he makes a return in Gungrave 3, if it happens.....
For the Continued adventures of Fangoram, check out "What Would Fangoram Do?", a section on this very site.

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And since this is Fangoram's character page, here is What Would Fangoram Do?, just for the hell of it.

So popualar he spawned the WWFD? page....where he destroys random things, just like in real life!