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Adopt a Retard, today!

With Billy!

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Billy : Hello, I'm Rocketbilly Redcadillac. Retardation is a serious condition. But with your help, they can be helped. For only five dollars a week, you can help these retards buy some crayons that they will probably eat. You know, the ones that'll make them crap out different colors, like green, alright!

Juji : Why am I here? Where are me pants? Seig heil!

Billy : People, I'm here with some of my personal retards, Mika, Spike, Juji, Fangoram, and Garino.

Garino : Why am I here?

Billy : Cause Don said so.

Garino : I will kill him some day....

Billy : Stop spoil OD for the fans. Some might not have gotten to that part yet. Now, sharp objects that can be used to stab Juji will be greatly appreciated, as well as pictures of hot ladies for me....alright!

Mika : *Drunk* I have a seperate stomach for CAKE and ICE cream!

Billy : Please, send now, and often. *Bullet flies through his head and hits Fangoram.*

Fangoram : OOOOWWWWW!!

Bunji : Ha! I win! You had to hit Billy! He's a ghost, they go through him. You should have aimed for the guitar.

Grave : ....................

Bunji : Yeah, screw you too....I'm loving it.

Billy : I will kill the both of you.

Back to the betrayal of our fans....we sold out! We sold out!

Pat : I'm Pat Robertson, and I'm a retard.

Billy : No one wants to adopt you, ass.