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WWFD #55

Now with the original cast.

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Teh Originals.


Don : Ok you bastards, you're fired.

Garino : What? Did you just steal my line......and fired me? I'm what makes this friggin' thing funny!

Zell : Oi mate, what are you talking about? I bring the funny!

Bunji : You dumbass! I bring the funny!

Sherry : I bring the lesbianism!

Zell : I agree with that...


Don : You're not getting fired. We couldn't find anybody more retarded than you. We found one guy AS retarded as you, but then again no one wants to see Juji or Dr. Phil on a regular basis.

Bunji : I'll agree to that.

Zell : Oi, who is gonna replace us?

Don : The original cast of course.

Bunji : Original cast? There was an original cast?

Sherry : Oh God.....not THEM.....

Don : Yes, them. Just to piss you guys off. 'Cause I'm the Don.


Fangoram : YEAY!

Garino : Just like my mom....wait....."yeay"?

Don : You will all be escorted out of here.....uhh.....now.

*Original cast in, current cast out*

Zell : I'll be back mate! I'll be back!

Don : Here's ya go. *Truck fulla Fosters drives up.

Zell : Wow...this will be a challenge. If I come back here completely naked, do not call the cops.

Don : Right, right, no cops. But now, the original cast! Taking Bunji's place, Binji Kakashira!

Binji : I's a tiger, rawr!

Don : For Garino, it's Garion!

Garion : I am Garion! Defender of New Mexico!

Don : For Sherry, Sherryl Swoops.

Sherryl : No surprise there. No big change.

Don : For Zell, some Drunken Scotsman.

Scotsman : I'm Drunky, and I play me bagpipes with me arse!

Don : Yeah that sucks, shut up. No wonder why I replaced you guys. And for Fangoram, we have ...Fangoram. Because no-one wants to see Juji.

Juji : I can hear you.....I'm trying not to cry.....I'm not succeding....Seig heil!

Don : Yeah. Anyway, our first mission back together ever since that fishing thing where the Scotsman somehow, someway, wound up with his smelly underwear on Sheryl Swoops' head...

Sheryl : And you wonder why I'm a lesbian? At least ladies' panties are not that filthy.....unless you're talking about Courtney Love.

Binji : AgrRRED! But I didn't think she woRE ANY!

Garion : I ran into her once while I defended New Mexico from the evil Tom Delay and Mormanman!

Don : Mormanman?

Garion : Ken Jennings with a cape, glasses, and 10 wives.

Binji : Edit Text!!! L0l!

Don : Just, just shut up, before Drunky's bagpipes end up in your ass........but you'd probably like that sort of thing....you freaking weirdo.

Binji : My name may be similar to Bunji, but I'm not the homo he was. Binji Kagashira iS ALL MAN!!!! *Rips off shirt, to reveal that he is as buff as a 5 year old....with one chesthair.*

Fangoram : *Walks over and pulls out last chest hair....*

Binji : OwwwwwIIIIEEEE!!! I's huRT! And I just lost the only evidence to prove I was over the AGE OF SIXTEEN!!!! OH NOES!!!

Don : Such a tragedy.

Sheryl : Binji is such a retard.

Binji : O RLY!

Scotsman : YA RLY!

Binji : NO WAI!!!!!

Fangoram : *Kicks Binji in the head* YOU ANNOYING WHEN FANGORAM GET ANNOYED.

Sheryl : Wait....let me try to comprehend what you said.......yep, it's retarded.

Drunky : Well, would ya expect anything different? Not get me a damn lager, ya pasty white bastards.

Sheryl : Wait, did you call me pasty white?

Don : Drunky, you're a freaking Scottsman! The only thing whiter than you is a bleached albino cat.

Binji : Oh snap!

Don : *Smacks Bunji* Oh Smack!

Bunji : What did I do? And where the hell did I come from? Where do babies come from?

Don : Oh.....sorry. You didn't do anything, the writers wrote you in again, and it's called sex, something you haven't had, unless you count Grave.


Don : No surprise there.

Drunky : Ah laddie, what random crap are we doing today?

Don : Well, I was thinking about ending world hunger...and gardening.....I could use you morons to do it. Or we could all go and kill someone. So lets have a vote.

Binji : I wanys to garden!

Sheryl : Eh, killing's fine with me.

Binji : Gardening!

Fangoram : Bowling!

Don : ....I'll take that as killing. We can go to Rock & Bowl later.

Rest : Yay(s)!

Drunky : You never took my vote.

Sherryl : You're a freaking Scotsman, you don't count.

Garion : Why have I not had any lines?

Don : Because the writers hate you.

Garion : How can they hate me? I am Garion, defender of New Mexico!

Unseen voices : Garion, defender of New Mexico! Yeay!

Don : I hate those unseen voices.....and breaking the fourth wall.....

Unseen voices : And we hate you too.

Don : Don't make me Captain Don you.

Unseen voices : We're unseen! Try it!

Don : *Wham*

Unseen voices : ......How.....why?

Captain don : When your powers combine.....I AM CAPTAIN DON!

Drunky : Remind me not to mess with him.

*Door burst down*

Pat Robertson : Hey, aren't you guys supposed to be fighting me?

Don : We could....but it would be kinda old and stale. I mean, the writers can only have us kill you so often....

Pat : Aww......I need more airtime to blame the gays and liberals on everything

Don : FANGORAM, SCOTSMAN!! You know what to do...

Scotsman : Knock Knock, aye.

Pat Robertson : Who's....there?




Don : *wakes up in a cold sweat* Damn it.....that was the worst nightmare ever......well, if you don't count that one with Garion and Garino and Herb.......wait, that wasn't a dream....I hate you Garino.

Don : *after thinking for a moment* .....That's it, no more Moonpies after 10 PM.....aww, to hell with it, Moonpies rule!

Billy : Shut the hell up, as some of us are trying to sleep! And Grave says to pass the Moonpies....and some TP. He's been looking at the Equestrian Dog Show pics again....

Don : Oh....wait, Equestrian Dog Show? What the hell?

Billy : Don't ask, you don't want to know....allright!

Don : Oh. Why the hell should I give Grave a Moonpie?

Billy : Good question. Grave?

Grave : ..............

Billy : He says something about Garino, Garion, and Little Debbie, while suggesting that you have some painius in your anus from taking that pepperoni stick in the.....butt.

Don : .......Permission to Captain Don Grave?

Billy : Permission granted. Allright!

Grave : ......... *worried look on face*

Captain Don : *WHAM*

Grave : *Pain....lots of pain......ungodly amounts of pain.*

Billy : The chief export of Captain Don is ungodly amounts of Pain. Allright!




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