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WWFD #56 - State of the WWFD

Politics....Fangoram style....

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Does Politics......

Not in the sexual type of way.




Billy : Welcome to the State of the WWFD. I am Rocketbilly Redcadillac. With me are Beyond The Grave and Kurt Angle.

Kurt : Word!

Grave : ..........

Billy : Grave your words, if the rest of world could understand them, would make millions want to kill themselves.

Kurt : Oh, it's true, it's true.

Billy : Right. Now, we're going to have the first ever State of the WWFD. Bunji will be presenting it, since no-one can handle the retardness that reeks out of Fangoram.

Kurt : Well, there's also Juji, but alas, he's too retarded as well. What do you think the main points are going to be?

Grave : .............

Billy : Thank you Grave, highly offensive analysis.

Kurt : hehehe...anal. That reminds me. You can prance, and you can dance, but when it comes to relations... keep it in your pants.

Grave : .................

Billy : Grave, we don't care what relations goes on in your pants.

Kurt : Right. I'm now officailly scarred for life. My retina's bleed.

Billy : Now you know how I feel. Every damn day. If I wasn't already dead, I'd kill myself.

Kurt : ......it's time for the State of the WWFD. Introducing Bunji Kugashira.

*Bunji enters, Congress claps. Yay.*

Bunji : Thank you. Thank you. Hillary, keep your top on. Condoleezza Rice, please, just stop. The baby Jesus is already crying. I'm not into your sexual chocolate. Billy might be though.

Billy : Alright.

Bunji : Your welcome. Anyways, I'm here to address the State of the WWFD. As we know, these are trying times. The writers are lazier and are running out of ideas. They need their constant supply of cookies and Dr. Pepper. Moonpies as well, since they rule.

Congress : *Standing ovation*

Bunji : thank you, thank you....shut up now. We need to address the growing the amount of homosexuality in the WWFD's. With Sherry, it's encouraged. With Garino, it's expected. With Don, it was eliminated. With Grave and myself, we will tone it down severely. However, when the coffin is a-rockin, don't come a-knocking.

Random Congressman : EWWW!!!

Bunji : *Shoots Tom Delay* Bitch. I will promise our viewers this......no one of the main cast will ever have sex with Balladbird Lee! That includes Bear Walken, and myself. Harry on the other hand......he can be all up in that girlfriends.

Congressman : *Standing ovation*

Bunji : Now, for the topic of Pat Robertson. We have killed him an ungodly amount of time. We feel that he should only be killed for great justice. Because all your base are belong to us.

Dick Cheney : What you say?

Bunji : I said turn up your damn hearing aid.

Dick : Go f*uck youself!

Bunji : Boo!

Dick : Ahh! *Heart attack*

Bunji : Ha ha.....good times. Let me continue with the next important topic. America is addicted to......oh wait, nevermind. Wrong speech, I'm sorry. Fangoram is addicted to Chicken Selects.....most of the time with Spronkles. So, we at WWFD Headquarters.....hehehe....head......quarter....

*Congress Laughs*

Bunji : ....have decided to launch an all-out-war on Chicken Selects. So for, there has been one tragedy on the side of the enemy.....and it is availible for your viewing pleasure......at this site : http://kingownsmcdonalds.ytmnd.com/

*Congress gives a standing ovation*

Bunji : I hated that damn thing. Finally, we here need the public's help. As you may know, the creators are two, lonely bastards. They would greatly enjoy pictures of you lovely ladies. HX would like some Gyno pic action, and for HB, he'll take near anything. Except fatties. HB and HX both understand that fatties need lovin' too.....but THEY MUST PAYYYYY!

*Congress Ovation*

Bunji : Thank you, good night, and Dick Chaney......you suck. God bless the WWFD!

*Congress Standing Ovation, and Bunji shakes the hands of Kurt Angle, Grave, Don, Chuck Norris, Samoa Joe, Vash the Stampede, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a drunken Zell, Sherry and Bear Walken, and kicks Juji in the balls.*

*Meanwhile, because we didn't forget, Don kicks Garino square in the nuts. The Power is Yours!*




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HX : Everything is ungodly!

HB : SHE'S NOT A JEW?!?!?!?!