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WWFD #60

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N is all I ever wanted....

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......AT HOME.....



*At Fangoram's rather large house in the country, 9 AM*

Mrs. Fangoram : Rise and shine Fangy Poo, you have your interview today.

Fangoram : *In Classic English accent* Oh, thank you my dear. My, what a wonderful day out. Hmm, I think I might finish my portrait today.

Mrs. Fangoram : Oh, that's sweet dear.

Fangoram : Are you even listening to me dear?

Mrs Fangoram : Not really.....*Walks away*

Fangoram : Damn. Note to self, hire divorce lawyer. Damn whore.

Mrs. Fangoram : I HEARD THAT!!!!

Fangoram : Oh....LOVE YOU HONEY!!!!

*Later that day, after his portrait painting*

Fangoram : My, that painting of mine sure is coming out fine *Painting is actually just a simple finger painting of a cat...we think*

Mrs Fangoram : That looks wonderful dear. It reminds me of the love child of Winston Churchill and Dr. Phil.

Fangoram : Basically Kurt Angle.

Mrs Fangoram : Yep. It looks sexy dear.

Fangoram : Just like you my dear.

Mrs Fangoram : Aww....looks like someone's getting nookie tonight.

Fangoram : Yes!

Mrs Fangoram : Kidding!

Fangoram : Don't toy with my emotions dammit!

*Later, at the interview*

Interview guy : Well Mr Fangoram, thank you for this interview.

Fangoram : Please, you can call me Fang-a-licious, that's what my wife calls me, if you know what I mean. And I mean my penis.

Interviewer : Umm........right. Please excuse me while I purge my mind.

Fangoram : It's a lovely penis, would you like to see it? It's quite amazing.

Interviewer : I'll pass, thank you though. So, how often do you guys get vacations like this?

Fangoram : We get these quite often. Mostly because the writers are lazy and quite suck.

Interviewer : Aren't you worried that they will see this?

Fangoram : Screw em.

Interviewer : Right. I'll take note if you get a paycut.

Fangoram : What's a paycut? I never get those. If I don't get enough, I'll get even.

Interviewer : I don't actually want to know how.....

Fangoram : Good, because I would have to kill you, and feed your body to rabid, flesh eating codfish.

Interviewer : ....riight. Codfish.

Fangoram : But you're lucky, for they're aren't any codfsh here....yet.

Interviewer : Right, moving on...What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

Fangoram : I have to say the emmy I won a while ago. The Commercial I did was my greatest acting. I won the emmy for Best acting in a commercial...thingy. It's real. I have the emmy in my pants. If you know what I mean.

Interviewer : Right...

Fangoram : Here it is *Whips out..the Emmy out of his pants*

Interviewer : Damn. I thought you were talking about your penis.

Fangoram : Oh, I can show that too...

*Scene cuts out*

*Cuts back*

Interviewer : My eyes!

*Cuts out again*

*Cuts Back*

Interviewer : Where is my sanity?

*Cuts out again*


New interviewer : My eyes! Put it back in! Don't make us get Garino!

Fangoram : I'll be good.

Interviewer : Mr. Fangoram, what does your daily life consist here?

Fangoram : Well, I wake up next to my lovely wife, and make sweet loving to her. Then I have breakfast, while still making sweet love to my wife. Then I have to stop briefly for my meetings with the other actors. We usually meet at some bar and get shitfaced. Then I come home and continue the loving.

Intervier : So, it's basically sex 24/7.

Fangoram : Yep. I'm not complaining though.

Interviewer : Well, thank you for that horrible mental image Mr. Fangoram. And thank you for taking time out of your sexlife for this interview.

Fangoram : What makes you think I wasn't having sex during this interview?

Interviewer : I want to kill myself now....


Back to the WWFD's

HX : You know that song's going to be stuck in your head all week, right?

HB : Perhaps. But then again, that is why I have a baseball bat. To kick my own ass with.

HX : I could just do it for you.

HB : ....no.

HX : ....Damn you.