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WWFD #61

Another vacation/interview type dealie

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Bunji and Grave



And their Vacation type thing.


*Grave's and Bunji's grand Country home that loks like this*


*Yeah, that*


*Bunji : *Yawn*

Grave : Good morning honey. Isn't this a lovely day?

Bunji : Yes Gravey dear, it is a lovely day. Lovely like you.

Grave : Aww......

Bunji : So, what shall we do today before the interview?

Grave : How about we snuggle under the tall birch tree, reciting poetry to each other?

Bunji : Oh, dearest Brandon, that sounds like a wonderful idea. And after, we can make passionate love, only found in storybooks....

Brandon : How about we make the passionate love outdoors under the birch tree, without the poetry and stuff?

Bunji : Deal.

Grave : Freaking sweet. Now where are those cherries?....

Bunji : Right where you left them dear. Up my a--


Interviewer : OK, I need to ask you guys this first. Do you promise not to take off your pants like Fangoram did?

Grave : We make no promisses.

Bunji : Safety is not guarenteed.

Grave and Bunji : PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT!

Interviewer : God, I hate YTMND......

Sean Connery : *Walks in* YOU THE MAN NOW DOG! *Walks off*

Interviewer : That was random, even for this site. Now, trying to drag this on, let's get back to the questioning. So, how do you two spend your vacations, which seem to be often.

Bunji : We wake up early in the morning, and spend several minutes holding each other, watching the sunrise, or if it is raining, we listen to the raindrops together.

Brandon : Then, we make breakfast together, and eat it out on our terrace, or in bed. The we make passionate whoopie, for at least five hours. Sometimes, we go outside, and make sweet, storybook love under a birch tree.

Bunji : Sometimes, under the Sakura trees. Bunji likes doing that sometimes.

Brandon : Talking in the third person makes me hot....

Sean Connery : *Walks in* Sean Connery say YOU THE MAN NOW DOG, HAH HAH!!! *Walks out*

Interviewer : Stop doing that! I'm not the man now, and I'm not a dog!!!

Brandon : Speaking of 'dog', Bunji really loves the doggyst---

Interviewer : NO!! I mean...tell us about your wedding.

Bunji : It was wonderful. I mean, we had some trouble, yes, but other than that, it was pretty normal.

Grave : We even had a celebrity perform our wedding!

Interviewer : Who?

Brandon : Jesus!

*Segway to flashback*

Johnny damon : And do you, Brandon, swear to take Bunji to be your wife/husband and to do all that marriage crap?

Grave : You bet your ass.

Johnny : Please, stop talking about my ass. You have Bunji's.

Grave : Sorry.

Kurt Angle : *In tears* I've never been so happy.

Vlad : Vlad happy, but disguted about honeymoon.

Johnny Damon : IF there are no objections....

Mysterious Man : I OBJECT!!!

Johnny : Oh me, not this douchebag.



Kurt Angle : No, you are an atrocity against nature, and I'm a WRESTLING MACHINE! YEAAAHHHHH!!!

Vlad : Vlad want baseball bat.

Bunji : Pat, why do you keep bothering us? Everyone stopped caring about you a while ago.

Pat Robertson : People do care about what I say!

Grave : No non-retarded people have listened to you since the 80's.

Bunji : Can we get the bouncers in here?

Bear : I'm Bear Walken, and you're not.

Volt : A cookie to anyone who remembers what game I'm from!

Kurt Angle : OH!!! Oh!!! umm....uhhh.....ummm.....Brock Lesnar?

Johnny Damon : I know, and I already have the cookie.

Volt : How'd you do that?!?!?!?!

Johnny : I'm Jesus, lol.

Vlad : Our God e Awesome God.

Bear : Can you use verbs please?

Bunji : Can you guys just kick Pat's ass please?

Volt : Fine.

Bear : I'm Bear Walken.

*End flashback*

Interviewer : Well, I wasn't looking for a flashback, but that'll do.

Bunji : Now, I shall take my betrothed, and wisk him away to our living quarters, in which I will procede to make sweet, sweet love to his anal cavity!

Interviewer : You know, I will just end this now. Thank you, we'll be back next week with another bunch loonies from WWFD on Vacation.





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