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WWFD #62

Another vacation type thing...

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Zell and Mika's Vacation crap.



Zell : Ok Mika, come in here. We've gotta talk.

Mika : Oi Dads, what do you need?

Zell : Now Mika, what have I told you about drinking at parties?

Mika : Bring some beer home for you, mate!

Zell : I've taught you well. Oh, and always remember to bring a designated driver, and don't get laid, you're damn underage.

Mika : I'm of age somewhere!

Zell : Not in me house! *Smack*

*+200 experience points*

*Final Fantasy VII victory music plays*

Zell : Alright! I get to level up! I'm now a level 24 Wizard!

Mika : What am I dad?

Zell : Bitchsmacked! *Bitchsmack'd*

Spike : *From another room* Guys? Can i come out now!

Mika : Spike, you know damn well that you can't leave the cage unless you're dying or need to use the bathroom.

Spike : Aww.....

Zell : Or getting me beer.....speaking of which, beer bitch, I need my beer!

Spike : ......Fine....

Mika : Me too!

Spike : Only if I can have some more porn....

Zell : Fine....*Gives him Playgurllllllll*

Spike : NOOOO!!!!

Mika : Didn't specify which type, mate!

Zell : Wait, when is our interview?

Interviewer : I've been here for an hour! I need to send 60 Minutes over here.

Zell : Too late. Mickey Rooney's been here since Halloween.

Mickey Rooney : I'm Pikachu! Bitch!

Zell : We keep telling him he's Squirtle. He won't listen to us.

Interviewer : Why did I accept this job? If I wanted money, I should have been a hooker. Better benefits. If I wanted the challenge, I could have been Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Mika : I loved that movie!!!! It was like....lovey dovey and crap, mate.

Zell : Downright disturbing....

Spike : I saw it in my cage! With last month's Playgurllllll!!!!!........Black Men are hot.

Zell : You know, I would normally disagree, but I will say this...Denzel is FINE!!!! Not that I'm homosexual or anything, but as a straight man secure in his sexuality, I can say that Denzel can turn me gay anytime.

Spike : That Numa Numa guy can turn me gay anytime!!!!

Mika : Beyonce is fine....

Interviewer : Well, I will admit that Denzel is a hot human being....anyway, where the hell were we?

Zell : We were talking about the possibilities of a 10th Planet and more in our solar system, but you just HAD to bring up Pikachu. Ass.

Interviewer : I need a beer. Now.

Mika : Spike! Get the interviewer a beer!.......No roofie this time!

Interviewer : There was a roofie last time? No wonder I don't remember the last 30 minutes. And why my......bellybutton hurt. It's like they missed my butthole.

Mika, Zell : Spike, it did it.


Interviewer : Ok, just let us get one question in....what the hell do you do on your many vacations?



Zell : They say that all the time. Then we drink. Like a normal family, mate.

Interviewer : How much beer do you go through a day?

Zell : More than 5 third-world nations. And Germany.

Mika : Aren't they a third world country too?

Zell : .....Good point. 6 Third World Countries, and the Eskimos.

Mika : Bloody Eskimos....AND THEIR FRIGGIN WHALES TOO!!!!!

Interviewer : ......Truely offensive. Well, we'll be back next week with German Juji and Billy. Until then, please shoot me.

Back to the WWFD's...

HX : ..........Eskimoes, offended. Germans, offended. HB, please cross them off the list.

HB : Done and done. The only people left are the Native Americans, the Swiss, the homosexuals....

HX : We offended them a long time ago. We did that when we first introduced Garino.

HB : Oh....well, we could always offend them again....like usual.

HX : Again, we offend them every time Garino or Spike is mentioned.

HB : ....like usual!