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WWFD #63

More Vacation Interview type crap

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Featuring Billy and Juji.....Oh God. Fear. Fear for your lives.




Juji : Dur Fuhurur say clown hat smiley face!!!! o<:)

Billy : How in the hell....?????

Juji : Sieg Heil!!!!

Billy : What did the magical guitar say to Juji's skull?

Juji : *All excited* What?!?!?!

Billy : *Smacks him across the head with his guitar* UMAGA!!!!!!!

Random Mercs : UMAGA!!!!!!

Juji : *Unconscious.*


Interviewer : Well, today I have Rocketbilly Redcadillac and Juji Kabane....oh God.

Billy : I say that every morning when I wake up.

Juji : I usually pray to God when I wake up.

Interviewer and Billy : What? Really?

Juji : Yep, my god is is great and powerful, my god is Raiden. Not the one from Mortal Kombat, the one from Metal Gear Solid.

Billy : Ugh, I should have known better. Dealing with Juji is like dealing with Fangoram. You have to set your standards low to not wanting to commit genocide.

Interviewer : You know, I do feel the sense to kill the whole country of Columbia. And Trinidad and Tabago.

Juji : I went there once!

Billy : Yes, we all went there. Except for Zell, cause he sucks. HX as well.

Juji : Yeah, HB left HX in charge of that WWFD. Thus the reason why it probably sucked.

Interviewer : Now that you mention it....It wasn't as good as Michelle WIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!



Kurt Angle : WIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Interviewer : Well, that was.....weird. Anyways, Billy, what do you do on you vacation?

Billy : Well, I usually go on my tours praising chastity! Telling the young to stay abstinence from sex until marriage. If not, the child could turn out to be like Juji here.

Juji : Billy, my parents were marr--

Billy : Kids, if you can't dance, keep it in your pants. And Hip Hop does not count.

Interviewer : I'm screwed then.

Juji : But, Billy, my parents WERE married.

Billy : Juji, a monkey in a tux does not count as an authority figure to marry anyone.

Juji : Aww rats. I wonder if Bunji knew....

Bunji : *from out of nowhere* Yes. Yes I did. *disappears*

Juji : Hey, Bunji left some cherries behind. They smell kind of odd, but I'm sure that's for flavor!

Billy : DO NOT, FOR THE LOVE OF...aww hell, just eat it.

Juji : YAY!!! *Swallows them whole* Tastes craptacular!

Interviewer : I hope those were the ones with the pits in them.

Billy : If you read the Bunji and Grave interview, you'd know where those came from. Allright!!!!

Interviewer : Fourth Wall go boom. Anyway, what does Juji do on his vacation?

Juji : I got a tattoo! Wanna see?!?!

Billy, Interviewer, Vlad, Kurt : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Interviewer : *Quickly* Billy, is this huge mansion all yours?

Billy : Yeah, but I let Vlad and Kurt stay here too. Because they're cool.

Interviewer : Where does Juji sleep?

Billy : I'll show you.


Billy : Here it is!

Interviewer : It's.......a shed.

Billy : I know that, but he doesn't. He think it's a rocket ship.

Juji : We're takiing this thing into outer space! Right Kitty Fuhrer?

Kuroneko-sama : Nyaa.

Billy : He says that all the time. Let's just leave before he shows us his tattoo.

Interviewer : Well, that's all the time we have for this crap. Next week we....

Juji : To the moooooooooon! *Shed takes off, leaving atmosphere*

Billy : ............Well I'll be damn. I hope he hits a black hole.


*Or is it?*

*Two weeks later*

Billy : Ahh, it's so peaceful without that damn Juji around.

*Outside* *Chashing type noises*

Juji : Billy! I hit a black hole and winded up back here!

Kuroneko sama : Nyaa!

Juji : I think I can make that a fortune charging rides for that.

Billy : I can never get a break, can I?

*Actual end*

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HX : Damn, I'm still pissed over the message I got.


HX : Now now HB, clown hat smiley face. o<:)

HB : o<:)