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WWFD #64 : Don and family.

You know, we're failing in not making any Nintendo Wii jokes right now....

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Don and the rest.



*At the mansion*

Garino : Hey Dad, can I play with my Wii?

Don : After you finish your homework can you play with your Wii. Maybe after that we can link them up and make a Wii-Wii.

Garino : That sounds wonderful father, I'll go work on my math!

Don : Wait a minute....Wii?

Garino : Oh father, I need your help with this math problem.

Don : What's the question Garino?

Garino : It's a trig question, I have to find pi with only the letter R, the number 5, and a toothpick. Who do they think I am? McGuyver?

Don : No one can be McGuyver son, except, well, johnny damon. But to answer your question, I believe that the answer is 'go fuck yourself'.

Garino : Aww....I knew you'd say something like that....

Don : No, I'm serious, look it up.

Garino : *Looks it up* Well I'll be damned! Thanks Dad!

Don : You're welcome son!

*Father-Son moment...in a completely non-gay type of way*


Garino : Father, I think out interviewer has snapped. He's playing with his Wii.

Don : Well, who wouldn't to play with their Wii?

Interviewer : Hey! If you had to interview Fangoram, then Grave and Bunji, then Zell and Mika, then Billy and the Nazi, you'd do this too!

Garino : I've got to agree with him. Those others are idiots.

Don : So, when does the actual interview start?


Don : There we go.

Interviewer : So Don, you are protrayed as a guy that regrets adopting Garino. Is that true?

Don : Absolutely not. I love my son. The writers are just untalented and lazy.

HX : Hey!

HB : You wanna go back to eating the special mayo?

Don : You're a towel.

HB : No sir, you're a towel.

Don : Aww man....

HX : 42! Run aways!

HB : O<:) *Runs away's*

Interviewer : Right.

Garino : Damn that Clown hat Smiley Face.

Don : Garino, Did you ever know that you were my hero?

Garino : Oh father...

Don : The only place I'll ever be....

Garino : I can fly higher than an eagle!


Garino : I love you father.

Don : I love you too son. Just not in the homosexual type way.


Interviewer : I want to play with my Wii again. Am I done here?

Don : I dunno.

Interviewer : Right. Well, let me finish by saying this : LEEEEEERRRROOOOYYYY JJJJJEEEENNNNNKKKKIIIINNNNSSSSS!

Garino : You're just as stupid as hell, you know that?

Don : At least I got chicken!

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After a lot of un-necessary thought, we've decided....42. That's the answer to the life, universe, and everything. Only Johnny Damon knows the question. And Kurt Angle, but only because Johnny got drunk.