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Oh it's the WWFD bitch!

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Fox News



Garino : Ok you bastards, get in here.

Bunji : You heard him Zell, get in here.

Zell *From the other room* : I would, but it's cutting into Fosters time. And nothing interupts Fosters time. Not even trips to the bathroom.

Don : Zell, get in here before I smack you with my pimp cane?

Garino : Your 'pimp cane'?

Don : *Smacks Garino with sword* Pimp smack.

Zell : Did I miss a pimp smack? I'll be right there.

Bunji : Zell, what the hell is that?

Zell : Oi, it's an IV. I've decided to have the Fosters directly injected into my system. 200% increase in crunkeness, and alcohol poisoning. It's better than an enema.

Garino : What's an enema?

Herb : Bend over and pull down your pants and I'll show ya.

Garino : Sounds like a deal! *Pulls down pants, bends over*

Fangoram : *Walks in, looks at scene, walks out*

Don : Right, on that note, it's TV time.

TV : *Comercial*

Kid 1 : I want to be like Fangoram!

Kid 2 : I want to be like Fangoram !

Don : No you don't.

Kid 1 : I want to be like Fangoram!

Don : I'm telling you, you don't!

Kid 2 : I want to be like Fangoram

Don : Ahh the Hell with it, Sword time!

Announcer : Nike, just do it...up the ass....

*End commercial*

Don : I made thirty bucks killing people! I consider that a good day!

Bunji : You are a twisted, twisted man.

Don : Well, at least I'm not Bill O'Reilly. He demands a child sacrifice at the beginning of every show, for the gods of douchebaggery.

Zell : You mean Conservatism?

Bunji : Well....yeah. That.

Sherry : What about the die hard liberals?

Bunji : You mean all five of them? They're pussies. And we like pussies.

Zell : I thought you liked assholes, mate!

Bunji : What type to you mean...

Zell : The one where shit comes out of!

Bunji : Once again, can you be more specific...


Bunji : That doesn't help narrow it down, since he has a little bit of both.

Don : You are all idiots. And Bunji, you answered your own question. Perv....you like dudes.

Garino : What's wrong with that?!?!?!

Don : If it's you, everything. Jesus hates you.

Garino : No he doesn't!

Johnny Damon : Of course I do! You suck. *Beep Beep* Sorry, that was the Jesus phone. The Jesus signal is up...so, I have to go. Before I leave though, I must say....I'M RICH BIATCHES!!! Jesusmobile, go!

Na na na na na na na na na Jesus! Jesus! na na na na na na na na Johnny! Damon!.....

Bunji : The Batman weeps.

Garino : Well....that was awkward...I was called gay by Johnny Damon. But....everyone calls me that. Fuckheads.

Don : Emo.

Bunji : Dipshit

Sherry : Homo

Zell : Oh, the irony on that one. Oh, assface.

Johnny Damon : Johnny! Damon! Batman! ...err....Jesus! And Garino is a loser!

Fangoram : RETARD!!!!

Zell : Oh, the irony....again. Assface.

Herb : You suck in bed!

Garino : Ouch. Very ouch. Why, Herb?

Herb : I just wanted fit it. You know you are...

Don : Shut your mouth.

Bear Walken : I'm Bear Walken. And Garino sucks ass.

Garino : How is that an insult? I do that!

Bear : You suck your own ass.

Garino : Give me 10 minutes, and if I can't do it, I will feel insulted. And will cry.

*10 minutes later*

Garino : Damn. *Weeping*

Bear : And the sad part is that he actually almost got it. And I'm Bear Walken, and you're not.

Juggernaut : And I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!

Bear : *Pimp slaps Juggernaut to next week* Don't steal my lines, bitch.

Garino : This is the most fucked up shit I've ever seen in my life.

Don : Shut yo yaps. The TV is talking now.

TV : And we now return to the O'Reilly Factor.

Zell : Aww. How the hell did this crap get on here! I wanted to mindlessly watch the other 28,000 Dr. Tran films! It's hella bomb, yo!.

Bunji : *Punches Zell in the face from off screen.* Anyway, who the hell put it on this channel. Even Zell when he's completely smashed doesn't watch that crap.

Don : I blame Fangoram.

Zell : Fangoram.

Sherry : Fangoram.

Fangoram : Garino!

Don : You know what, that sounds like a better person to blame. Garino, you suck.

Zell : When in doubt, blame Garino. It's what makes the world go round.

Garino : HATE. YOU. ALL.

Herb : I'm trying to listen to the television!

Bill O'Reilly : The next person on my Hate list is Don. Not just any Don, The Don.

Don : That could be any Don really...

Bill : He's also called Captain Don, Don Suave, Sailor Mini Don, DonDonDonDon-DonDonDon, DonDonDon Esquire, Don the almighty ruler of everything, Sally Donji, the Donji Lama, Martin Luther Don Jr., Doncom X, Muhammad Doni, George Donjinton, Sir Don - Captain of the British Empire, Son Donku, BeyDon the Grave, Pirate Don, LeDon James, The King Don-ut, The man who sleeps with your mother, Sean Donnery, Yu-Gi-Don, Yu Yu Donkashu, Vash the Donpede, the guy Jesus owes 20 bucks to, Kurt Angle's homedog, The Trojan Man, Don Patrick, Ninja Don...

Don : Those can be any Don! Besides, I never said I was a ninja....today......

Bill : Don, father of Garino Corsione...

Don : That could be the Don down the street...I mean, doesn't he have a gay son named Garino, who totally sucks ass?

Bill : ....And finally, Don, the creator of the Captain Don.

Don : Yeah, he's talking about me. No other Don can do that.

Bill : The reason why I hate this man is the reason I hate everyone else...he's a liberal terrorist.

Don : I am not a liberal, I'm a freaking dictator.

Zell : And the terrorist part mate?

Don : Well, I didn't become Don by hugging people to death...or did I? Hmm...

Bunji : *Smacks Don* No flashbacks.

Fangoram : FOURTH WALL GO A BOOM AGAIN......I like House.

Sherry : You know, I can actually agree with he retard for once. I think the world may be in peril now because of that.

Johnny : nope, it's ok. You silly humans and your worrying. It won't explode unless I want it to.

Bear : $$10 says you can't make it explode.

*Ten minutes later*

World : *Exploded*

Bear : Damn.

Johnny : Never mosh with a Jesus. And.....Jesus powers.

World : *Back*

Bear : $$10 says you can't do it again.

Johnny : I can only do it once a day!

Bear : I'll take my money back please.

Bill : Hello? I'm trying to slander the Don here.

Don : You know, I think I may have to schedule a fight between Johnny and Bear. Vegas, here I come.

Bill : Don Sucks.

Don : WHAT? Oh, he's so dead!

Bill : Well, I finally got their attention at least.

Zell : Wait, how the hell does he know what we're doing?

Bill : NSA.

Bunji : He is so dead.

Zell : I am...well...I'm not drunk yet, but I'm not angry. I'm normal. This is weird. Someone get me a beer.

Garino : Just kill him already.

Sherry : Final Boss powers! *Written out*

Garino : I wish everyone would stop stealing mi powers.


Don : Fangoram, you need to have an IQ of at least three to use the final boss powers. Garino just barely makes it.

Garino : You shut up, and go kill him now!

Don : Final Boss Powers! *Garino disappears* I ought to use these more often.

*fourty-two seconds later*

Bill : And here are even more reasons why I rule, and everyone else should bow to me.

Zell : *Flies in and karate kicks Bill in the head* Oi mate! I channelled the spirit of a drunken Bruce Lee! I'm a martial artist! I draw death!

Bunji : That's a word pun only five people will get. Gynocrat, Gynocrat, HB, HX, and probably Fact.


Bill : Stop with the liberal hootennanny.

Bunji : Earth!

Zell : Fire, mate!

Fangoram : WIND!

Johnny Damon : Me! I mean....Water!

Bear Walken : Heart.

Everyone : Go Planet!

Mysterious Voice : When your powers combine, it is an atrocity! And I am Captain Don!

*Random voices* : Captain Don, he's our hero, gonna take retardation down to zero!

Bunji : We're the planeteers!

Johnny : And you can be one too!

Zell : Because kicking Garino in the Nuts, mate!

Fangoram : IS THE THING TO DO!!!

Don : *Makes Garino appear, and Kicks him in the nerts. Garino disappears again* THE POWER IS YOURS!

Bill : I shall use my powers of Conservatism to...

Don : *Wham* Grow those back.

Bill : My nerts....



O'Reilly : *Dead*

Everyone, everywhere : YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!

Don : I think we should get a medal for this. Wait a second....*snaps fingers, and a medal appears in his hands.* Awesome. THE POWER IS YOURS!!!





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HB : There was this one time, in Counter-Strike, I totally...wait....I DON'T PLAY COUNTER-STRIKE!

HX : *Smacks HB* Boom! Headshot!

HB : When I respawn.....*dies*

HX : And that brings the tally to HB : 147,243,221,453 and HX : 3