Cerberus Overdose......A Gungrave fansite

Before Cerberus OD

What our stars did before they came here, and how we ruined their careers.

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HX : So, here we are again, wasting time, pretending we can write.

HB : Hey, I can write...kinda...maybe..Better than you!

HX ; You shut youe mouth hole. So, anyways...

HB : Bite me larper!

HX : Ass....Like I was saying, we are here tonight...

HB : To make fun of HX and to make various HX.com jokes.

HX : Why do I keep you alive?

HB : Because you can't kill me.

HX : Damn your logic!

HB : Right. So, were here to share with you what our actors did before they became infamous here on COD.

HX : First, we have Zell Condorbrave.

Zell : Well, when I was younger, I was a full fledged merc! Then I got the job at COD, and I became the laughing stock of the merc world. Even that Dog guy laughed at me. Then I killed him! Who's laughing now? I'll be right back, I'm going to go piss on his corspe. I'll be back in like, 10 minutes.

HX : Well, I'm glad we could do something for society.

HB : Next, we have the always lovely, and sometimes incredibly powerful, Sherry Walken.

Sherry : Well, I was perfectly happy being a widow, and trying to get my revenge on Grave when HX came along and stared at my boobs.

HX : Good times.

Sherry : Well, after I severly beat him down, HB came along and offered me a job. Then he grabbed my boob.

HB : Good times.

Sherry : Well, for one scene early on I had to kiss Maria. Well, I liked it so much that I did it again, and some more after that. After that, I was labled a lesbian just because I made a few lesbian porno's. It was only a few dozen!

HB and HX : Good times. *Double ding!*

Sherry : But after awhile....I kinda liked it. Then, I was I full fledged. I like women! I think Harry's spirit is kind of pissed though...

HX : IT IS! *Points to random cloud in the sky*

HB : Hey, that cloud does look like Harry....

HX : Anyways, next up we have Garino.

Garino : Well, I was doing fine, experimenting with bodies, and having my fun with Herbie. So basically they're paying me to do what I was already doing.

Don : Garino, you are not the fury. *Rushes in with a flamethrower*

Garino : *Runs*

Don : Well, I guess it's my turn. You see, I won the Nobel Prize for Nuclear Physics, but then I adopted Garino, and it all went down from there.

HX : True. Anytime Garino is involved, it's not going to be good.

HB : Well, lastly, since we don't want to talk to Fangoram, due to the extreme retardness, we have Bunji.

Bunji : Hey, don't you guys remember what I did before this, right?

HX : Well, how did you come back from the dead?

Bunji : Well, that's easy. It was all like this...


HB : Well, this was HX's idea. So if it's good, well damn, I'm surprised. If it's bad, then it's no surprise there.

HX : .....Hate....you....