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Yeah, we're severly ripping off Pokemon, so what?

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HX : Well, we were going to a WWFD, but well...

HB : We decided against it. So instead we bring to you our glorious rip off of Pokemon...

HX : Gravemon! I hope it's better than our previous rip offs.

*Cue theme song*

Singer #1 : I wanna be the very best, like no-one ever was!

*View to scene where Mika is punting Spike*

Singer 2 : To catch them is my very Test, to train them is my cause!

*Scene to where Bear Walken is throwing a Gravemonball at a Billysaur*

HB : Aww, to hell with the rest of the song, just get on with the damn show.

*The show*

Mika : *Wakes up* Ahh....a late night of drinking before my big day..*and checks clock*....AND I'M LATE! SHIT!!!!

*Get's dressed and runs out, to professor HBHX's Gravemon lab*

Professor HBHX : Aaaaaaannnndddd.....the retard's late!

Mika : Shut up, you're not a real doctor anyway.

Prof :.......Look, do you want a Gravemon or not?

Mika : ...Yes...

Prof : Ok, well, here's three Gravemon, here on this table. *Points to three Graveballs*, choose one....

Mika : Oh---

Prof : AFTER my favorite character chooses first. Your rival...Bear Walken.

*Bear walks in wearing a Gi, the badass sunglasses, and a backpack for random stuff.*

Bear : I'm Bear Walken...and you're not.

Prof : Ok, choose your Gravemon, Bear Walken.

*Bear Walken chooses...BALLADBIRD LEEMANDER*

Mika : Damn! That's what I was going to choose! Well...I'll take this one.

*Mika chooses....GRAVEACHU!!!*

Bear : Ha ha...your Gravemon sucks. Let's battle to see how they work, because I'm Bear Walken. Go Leemander!

*Leemander appears*

Lee : Lee Lee, I likea men, Lee Lee.

Mika : Go Graveachu!

*Graveachu appears*

Grave : .........

Prof : Dear Lord, that is the most vulgar speaking Gravemon I've ever heard.

Mika : Fricking awesome! Grave, attack with....uhh...use swear!

Graveachu : ........

Balladbird *uneffected*

Mika : Crap! He can't hear it!


Bear : Leemander, use needle thingie....

Leemander : *Throws needles...one hits in Graveachu's left eye...and misses*

Mika : Ahh! He doesn't have a left eye! Graveachu, use Coffin barrage!

Graveachu : *Swings coffin*

Lee : *Get's hit. It's super effective! Lee faints*

Bear : Eh...crap. I will beat you next time....*Hands over Yen, and lesbo porn*

Mika : Yeah! We're going to be the best of friends, Graveachu! Let's begin our journey to be Gravemon masters!

Prof : I have a feeling this will not end well....ahh, who cares.

Mika : Let's go!

*Mika and Graveachu begin their...legendary journey to be Gravemon masters!!!!*

*End theme*


Us : So, let's hope you enjoy, and let's hope we don't get sued.