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Bunji and Juji say hello.

We want to say Hello as well

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Bunji : He folks, it's been a while, eh?

Juji : Yeah, you've missed a few things. We conquered a third world Country.

Bunji : Yeah, China. Juji wore his pretty dress, and confused everyone. Then we threw Fangoram at that.

Juji : They pretty much surrendered pretty quickly. They didn't know what to do.

Bunji : But then Garino gave it back, after they promised to love him long time.

Juji : Yeah, Don was not happy about that. But I made everything better by showing him my tatoo....

Bunji : And no-one wants to see that. Also, we had our prom, and while Garino showed up dressed up like a pretty pretty princess, and Zell was drunk. Then Grave shot the Artist Formerly known as Bob Poundmax.

Juji : Everyone thought that was really funny.

Bunji : Then Billy punted Spike into Juji, and it was all good.

Juji : Asshole.

Bunji : So, we'll be back last week, with more new aventurea, and with less Juji.

Juji : This is my glorified cameo.

So...cop out indeed.