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Gravemon 3

The third episode...umm...we're running out of witty ideas...

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*Gravemon music plays, then abruptly ends quite violently*

Mika : Wow, we've finally reached the first city in ths series, Redcadillacinian city. Damn, that's a long and sucky name. And every single person I've talked kept saying "All Right!" and "Have a rose!".

Andersoneotto : The foreshadowing is evident, ya Protestant wench.

Mika : Well, I've stated multiple times that I think I
am Catholic.

Graveachu : *Smacks Andersoneotto*

Andersoneotto : Ah! What the crap was that for?

Graveachu : *Shrugs shoulders*

Mika : Oh well, let's go find the next gym leader.

Mystery voice : Hey, stop right there, all right! Have a rose!

Mika : Hey, stop following me, or I swear I'll call the cops.

MV : No, you said you're looking for the gym leader, right?

Mika : Yeah....wait how did you know that?!?!?!? Are you...Jesus?

MV :....No. I'm the Super awesome sexy super supereme Rock Lee esque no Justu Gym Leader.....ROCKETBILLY!

Mika : ...Oh...kay.

Andersoneotto : Wow....and I thought I was crazy!

Billy : Anyway, I will accept your challenge, and we will have an official Gravemon battle. If you win, I will give you the Lightning Badge of coolness.

Grave : .....

Mika : That's.....so....AWESOME!!!!!

Andersoneotto : Really? It looks like a plain old, second-rate lightning pin to me....

Billy : If you win....I will also tell you a secret I've been hiding until now....


A: B

B: C


Andersoneotto : Hey!

Find out next time on...GRAVEMON!!!

Back to Gravemon!

Us : We've run out of ideas! Is that...

A : True

B : False

C : SAT score

D : Alexander Anderson

Andersoneotto : HEY!