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Oh you thought you weren't going to see page 7 but here's page 7!

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From a regular contributor :

HX : .........

HB : Thank you again, you have proven that you know nothing, can say nothing, and think nothing. Do you even exist?

HX : Well....it had to be sent somehow...

HB : Spambot?

HX : Probably.

From Karen, the newbie. : heyyy!! you guys rawk!! this site is awesome dood!! i love ur wwfd's they are sooooo funnyyyy ^_^ u should put more grave in em, hes sooo sooooo cute!!! ^_^ n e ways droppin by 2 say hihihihihihi!!!

omgg i forgot to leave mah name, its karennn... karen!!
i jus read ur messages page... THAT NUKKA GUY IS A FUCKEN ASSHOLE DICK SUCKER! GO TO HELL! dun listen to him/her, ur site rocksss, i should send in some sketches next time, hehe

eh, okie bunji ill leave a damn message!!

from karen

HX : ........Damn.

HB : Yeah, leave a damn message. Word life.

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HX : Just as a warning, no not at all go near any of those sites.

HB : Yeah, unless you have any interest in spamming the shit out of your computer even more than normal. Oh, and thanks for spamming our inbox, jerkass.

HX : And all the rest of the messages were blank, so can we please get some messages? Pretty please?

From a total lech : hi guys, that one winged angel chick is hot! cool site guys rock on

HX : So wait, have you actually seen her before?

HB : Or, are you her? Call me crazy, but I think that's the case.

HX : It's quite possible.

From : Dr. Cube - Hey guys why don't you make a section about you with information and interresting stuff about you. That we we can learn more about our favorite webmasters!


hey guys what music do you listen to?

HB : Well, we could....I guess.....if our bandwidth wasn't almost up.

HX : Yeah, we need to figure out what to, and how to increase our bandwith to over 9000!!!!

HB : What, 9000?!?

HX : Over nine *bleep* Thousand!

HB : What do I listen to? Gackt....Robbie Williams...and pretty much anything if it sounds good. No cRap though. Gangsta cRap really sucks-diddily-uks. Although, I did like that song 99 Problems....

HX : For me, I'm into a whole bunch of music. Tsuneo Imahori (The guy that does the music for Trigun and Gungrave), the pillows, and Nirvana. No rap though. Country also equally sucks.

From : Karen

Aww, Fangoram doesn't act dum anymore!!! Oh well it was
still cool ahahahahahaha

HX : OK Karen, it's official, we now love you.

HB : Well, just HX, actually. Although you are pretty nice. As far as we know. From, like, one message. Maybe two. Who wants to see my rap collection?

HX : Please, if I wanted to see a collection of retards, I'd watch G4.

HB : Fuck you X-Play.

From : Kazaam : and so then he said shazam, and the other dude went whoa, and then he said yeah, I'm that great.

HB : Do you know what else was great? Kazaam. Yeah, you're as great as that movie starring Shaq.

HX : sheriff Shaq was in a movie? Dear lord, help us all.

From : Nikki - Bunji and Juji Rules!! And this site is kick @$$!! - Nikki

HB : Wait....JUJI HAS FANS!?!?!? What the hell!

HX : Bunji I can understand, but Juji? Do you just have a thing for the Kabane/Kugashira brothers?

US : Oh, and by the way, thanks for digging our site.

From a US Govt Official : I hit them in the pelvic area then Rumsfield said, no. they won we lost, it's over, then bush said call in the big guns, and when I said army he said What are you stupid get me Beyond the Grave.

HB : Damn straight you should have called Beyond The Grave.

HX : He's powerful, he's smart, and he can beat a dead guy in an election, unlike Rumsfeld.

From Greg Walter : Want to be a hero in bed?
HX : ......Just to let you know, it was actually supposed to be sent to another person.
HB : And not us. We are heroes in bed.
HX : ...Just ask Mrs. HX.
HB : .....and Mrs. HB. Despite the fact neither of us are married.
From Rob : Hey guys thanks for cranking out the humor week after
week.  I look forward to this the whole week.  - Rob
HB : We try. Mostly.
HX : Sometimes we half-ass it, and it's still teh funny.
From Rob again : hey guys besides gungrave what anime do you like?  Also
can you recommend some manga?  - Rob again
HX : OK, for anime...Hellsing is always a good one. The Slayers is actually what got me into anime. For Manga, Hellsing and Cromartie High School. Trigun too, both anime and manga. Lupin III is really great too.

HB : For me, there's so much more than HX, over so many more genres. Bleach, Trinity Blood, Saiyuki, Full Metal Alchemist, the Kingdom Hearts manga, Chrono Crusade, Sandland, Comic Party, Shaman King, One Piece, Naruto, Black Cat, Kinnikuman Nisei, Gravitation, Socrates in Love, all the ones HX mentioned, and so much more. So, any of those, really.

From : ........

HX : Heeeyyyyyy, up yours, buddy.

HB : Seriously, is it beyond the scope of reality to not be a complete dick, and spam? I mean, seriously, it doesn't take much brain power to type something in.

From : ........

HB : And, once again, the complete douchebag who has no friends spams our site. Good job, loser.

HX : What he said.

From Blitz : The blitz question of the year, There's an official book to this game?

US : http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=13-513

Love it, live it.

From Karen : *Sees Don walking around* OMG ITS DON!!! DYYYNITTEE!!!!
Don: That only works for the retarded people who say it.

LOLOL, they'll call ya soon, but thats just totally weird o_O

Love your update, I even had to borrow my cousins laptop just to get on


HX : If you're desperate, I'm always available.

HB : It's good to see dedication....at least.

from the creators of Gungrave OD comes Yugioh DMX,
equally as random stupid and practically non related to the prequal.

binky boy

HB : No, we are not Little Kuriboh, we're not that cool.

HX : Yeah, personally, I think that guy is a God dressed as a man.

From, Rob : Hey I miss teh funny! Well guys I understand if you're busy but there's one thing you have to promise me! You will never just let the site die you have to give some sort of goodbye WWFD or a goodbye from you two. I hate when an awesome webcomic or site just one day says "its over." and that's it. WEll I understand if school and work are getting in the way though they can be such a drag.

HX : Don't worry Rob, we won't just up and end the site. As long as people keep coming to our site, we'll keep on writing.

HB : I really got nothing to add.

From some guy : hahahaha that is a cool ass pic of Bunji. I love Gungrave. The best anime ever made! Im watching it for the fourth time.

HB : You know what picture I love? Elmo Hitler.

HX : Just, shut up HB.

From Karen : Hey guys The readings are still great, yes, I still read em ^_^ Keep up the funny work, =P

HX : Hey, we still have readers. Yay!

HB : As long as ye keeps reading them, we'll keep writing them, I guess...

HX : And now HB is on Pictochat, drawing a butt, on my DS.

From Rob : hey who do you think is the greatest wrestler
ever? I think I gotta vote terry funk.

HX : The Great Khali. To be honest though....I have no clue. It's hard to just say "he or she's the best."

HB : Well, ok. But....The Undertaker.

From someone : In WWF yes WWF War Zone for Playstation, Ahmed Johnson was the strongest... Who knows about a big black guy named bass?

HX : No, but I do know a big black guy named Bear.

HB : I'm Bear Walken, and Ahmed Johnson sucks.

From : An individual straight from the Bible - hi, many thanks for links about gungrave,i enjoy and like very much this stile of story chacracters and ATTITUDE, gracias
gente, habria que hacer una serie bien hecha con esto
, cuidaros, hasta otra

Manu (Moses)

HB : Well,. this is the first time we've gotten a visitor who actually e-mailed us in Spanish. So this is very, very cool.

HX : Hola? Aloha?

HB : ......

HX : What? I took French!

From Andrew Sasse : OK GUNGRAVE is so kickass and i thank you as another fan to another fan for working on such a sweet site

HX : Well, we are delighted and excited that people still dig our site.

HB : Well, as long as people keep coming to the site, we'll keep working on it.

From Thomas Roche' : Dude i LOVE the Games...!!!!

HB : DUDE! So do we!!!!!!!....

HX : We all do buddy, we all do.

HB : Here's hoping for a sequel! Or some manga, at least.

From - Someone with good news : You're officially the number one google result for "gungrave fansite"


HB : We're number 1! We're number 1!

HX : HEY! You stole my line!

HB : err....*Runs away!*

From - Lynx : Yo, wassup guys? It's Lynx. Haven't been on here in, well, a year. :/ Looks like I've missed quite a bit. Last time I was here, you guys were on WWFD #40 something, I think. Wow, #81 already. I think you guys need props for having the most well-run (and only)
GunGrave fansite on the Web. So, Congrats! \m/ Yeah! Woohoo, and whatnot. So, anyway, yeah, I might talk to you guys on the forum soon. Keep on rockin' in the free world, Arsenal Lynx.

HX : Keep on rocking in the freeworld! Dah Dah Dan...

HB : ....well, thanks for the kind words. We still post in the forum, so you can always find us there. Once in a while.

From some person : Kick Their ASS! Damn! Nice site, lovin' the WWFD episodes! Keep it up dude, and keep kickin' some ass!

HX : Hey, we're glad you like out little site. We try to keep it running on the awesome.

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