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The Prequel to the fourth episode.

AKA episode 3

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*OK, Billy's secret time!*

Billy : My secret is....

Mika : You're gay!

Billy : No...actually...I'm a ghost!

Mika : Wow...that's anti-climatic.

Andersoneotto : I feel like I got jipped, lass. I wants me cash back!

Graveachu : .........

Billy : Wow...that's offensive.

Mika : Can you....understand him?

Billy : Of course! I speak gravenese.

Mika : Wow. Anyway, let's battle!

Billy : Err....well, I give up!

Mika : Yay....er....what?

Billy : You see...I never really had any Gravemon. Being a ghost and all. So, I'll give you the gym badge!

Mika : Oh! Great!

Billy : Anyway, I'm going to head off with you guys on your adventure.

Andersoneotto : Won't that cause a disruption with the league?

Billy : Well....it's run by monkeys. So, no, not really.


Garino : Hey! The league isn't run by monkeys!

Herb : *throws poo at Garino*

Garino : You are getting SUCH a spanking!

*Back to where we were....where were we?*

Billy : So, let's go! Who knows, maybe you'll run into Team Little Yellow Bus so they can be your rivals!

Mika : Ok, let's go!

Andersoneotto : I hate you, deamons.

Grave : ........


Narriator : So, our heroes have gained a new friend! Now, what adventure lays ahead!

.....Probably something crappy.

Join us next time!

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