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Gravemon numero 5

Because we said so.

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Mika : Well, now that I have my badge, let's go to the next city!

Billy : Sure, as long as I get some hot ass ladies along the way.

Andersoneotto : But....you're a bloody ghost?

Billy : Have a rose?

Andersoneotto : Wha...? *Boom*

Graveachu : *Smiles*

Billy : Screw the rules, I have exploding roses.

Mika : Ok, guys! Let's go!

*In the forest outside of the city*

Mika : We're going to Cerulean City!

Billy : I don't think we can call it that...you know, copyrights, and what not.

Andersoneotto : Like it's stopped these morons before....

Graveachu : ........

Billy : Wow, that is the most-foul mouthed Gravemon I've ever come across?

Andersoneotto : How many have you actually come acrossed?

Billy : Actually...two. I hope there's a ton of hot women in the next town!

Mika : Me too!

Andersoneotto : Me thr---wait! You daemons! You tricked me! I'll kill you, in the name of Jesus in Heaven!!!!!

Grave : *Smacks Andersoneotto and walks on*


*Mysterious Figure* : Has the soon-to-be Pokemon master started her journey?

Team Rock....err....X-Box 360 : Yes. She has been joined by the Ghost.

MF : Excellent....

*OMG! What will happen next?*

*Stay tuned for the next episode of GRAVEMON!!!*

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HX: Gravemon, that's probably one game that I'm better at than Final Fantasy X. Stupid Blitzball....

HB : Ha ha ha....Blitzball. 115 hours into the game buddy, and I'm definitely better than you.