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WWFD #72

Apples Vs guns, my monies on the apples.

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Bear Walken : Ok you bastards, get in here.

Garino : What the hell? You stole my line!

Bear : I'm Bear Walken, shut the hell up!

Garino : Aww damn.

Don : Garino, we've outsourced your job to the deadworld. Go play with your Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Garino : Just because I didn't doesn't mean that I'm not American.

Don : No, you're not American because of that whole incident with Geraldo Rivera and Thomas Jefferson.

Garino : I thought that was supposed to be confidential.

Bunji : Nope, we sold it to Times Magazine. We're rich...er bitches.

Zell : I was paid completely with beer, cigars, and more beer.

Garino : Bastards.

Bear : Anyways, we're doing something that's possibly non-violent, though with you guys, we'll some how kill innocents. We're going apple picking.



Bear : Not this time. You've written yourself out every episode since last time I've been on. I'm putting you on a leash.

Sherry : Aww...a leash?

Bear : It's covered in diamonds.

Sherry : Score.

Bunji and Zell : Aww....apples....

Bear : Oh shut up. I want to go there for the cider, and for some apple strudel. The ladies love my hot, hard, apple strudel.

Sherry : If you weren't my father, I'd be so totally turned on.

Zell : Wait, can't we make vodka with apples?

Bunji : I dunno...probably.

Zell : Score. Let's go!

Bunji : Driver.

Fangoram : SHOTGUN!

Zell : *cocks shotgun* Nah mate, I call shotgun.

Don : I call Final Boss powers!

Bear : I call Final Fantasy powers!

Sherry : Damn.

Bunji : Sherry's got trunk!

Zell : Fangoram's got hood.

*At local apple Orchard*

Bear : Remember retards 1 through 5, don't pick the blue apples, because I don't think they actually exist.

Fangoram : I FOUND ONE! *holds up a blue apple*

Bunji : Hey, Fangoram, eat it, let's see what happens.

Fangoram : OK! *Eats the apple, randomly explodes*

Zell : Well, this should make for a much relaxful episode.

Bunji : Man, apple picking, it's like what me and Juji used to do. You guys remember my brother, right? The Kabane brothers are so awesome, that we're both in video games.

Zell : I've got a brother in a video game too mate.

Sherry : Really? Who?

Zell : O'aka from Final Fantasy X.

O'Aka : O'Aka, at your service. I've got all sorts of potions and weapons, at not really discount prices.

Zell : I'll take a 12 pack of potions, three huge honk'n guns, and a Soft ring.

Don : I'll take a Brotherhood sword.

O'aka : O'aka, whenever you need something to destroy someone, I'm your man.

Farm Owner : Hey, where the hell did this crater come from?

Fangoram : *Randomly re-appearing* MY BAD!

Farm Owner : You boys been ruining all my crops! I'm ruined!

Don : Umm...our bad. I'm sure they'll grow back next year.

Farm Owner : You boys needs to be paying me for all those apples!

Bunji : Hmm...what dom you guys think?

Zell : No.

Bear : No.

Sherry : No.

Fangoram : YES!

Don : You don't count Fangoram. Oh, and no.

O'aka : No.

Bunji : So we have our answer. Go screw yourself.

Don : I think we know what to do boys.

O'aka : Kick Stan?

Don : Hey farmer man, is your name Stan?

Farmer : ......Yes?

Don : Alright, Shawn, you know the drill.

Shawn Michaels : I know controversy, dammit!


Shawn : I just kicked Stan!

Bear : Holy crap, where's Stan?

Sherry : I think he dematerialized!

Zell : Well guys, I suggest a search party for Stan. You guys go look for Stan, while I work on my theory of can alcohol drive a car?

Bunji : Alcohol for all!

Everyone : Yay!



Winnas! : Don, Zell, Bunji, O'aka.

Losahs : Garino, Stan, YouTube.

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HX : It's late.

HB : It's past my beddie-bye.

HX : ........I am so not tucking you in.

HB : Can you at least read me a bedtime story? Pweasssseeeee?????

HX : And you always direct the gay jokes at me....

HB : True, but I'm not acting like I go to HX.com, I'm acting like I'm thwee years old. Now, I want a bedtime story dammit!

HX : Well, once upon a time there was a boy named HB, and he was about to be bludgeoned with a trophy...