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WWFD #73

The Thanksgiving one. Or is it the second one? Third? We lost count.

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Garino : Ok you bastards, enter and sit.

Bunji : What? Are you changing the phrase? ....Are you going through puberty?

Fangoram : DANGLY PARTS!

Zell : That's moderately disturbing. Reminds me of the time I went through peubertie.

Sherry : Zell, you spelled puberty wrong.

Zell : What? You can see my words now? What the hell are you? Merriam-Webster? Or Jesus?

Johnny Damon : Token Johnny Damon appearance!

Everyone : YAY!

Zell : I loves me some Johnny Damon. He's Jesus, you know.

Fangoram : Yeah Zell, we get it. I mean, that's the whole running gag....oh.....I mean....ME LIKEY POTATOS!

Garino : Things just got a bit more....surreal. Anyway, we're inviting over....


Everyone : .......

Crickets : *chirping*

Tumbleweed : *rollin' rollin' rollin'*

Bunji : You suck!

Don : .....screw you guys, I'm going home. *Walks away*

Zell : ......you know, I just don't have the heart to tell him that he is home already. That could be my BAC of 98.7% talking, though.

Sherry : 98.7%? Isn't that a little....low for you?

Zell : Yeah, I'm sobering up a bit. I'm down from my usual 110.6%...doctors are still trying to figure out that one.

Fangoram : It's because they're not Australian doctors....oh crap, I mean.....WHERE MY WII AT?

Zell : Well, one was Australian, but I killed him. He hid Fosters on me. He was, "trying to save my liver", as he drank the stash. In front of me.

Sherry : Isn't anyone concerned that Fangoram isn't trying to actually act in character for once?

Garino : And would everyone shut the HELL UP! I was trying to say something before you morons went off on a tangent!

Bunji : When am I supposed to get more lines?

Garino : Whenever the writers damn well feel like it! Now shut up! Anyway, we're inviting over the extended family for this day of....Thanksgiving!

Everyone : Awwww!!!!

Garino : Yeah, yeah, yeah. But, it's only one of three times out of the year that we see them, without trying to kill each other.

Bunji : What are the other times?

Garino : Christmas and King Kamehameha Day.

Don : *Appearing out of nowhere* KA-ME-HA-MA...

Bunji : *Smacks Don* Stop trying to get us sued by Funimation. We're still caught up in that legal battle from 4Kids.

Garino : Freaking anime ruining bastards...They get all pissed off because we did a better version of One Piece than they did. We kept in all the violence! And good parts!

Sherry : So.....can I leave?

Don : No, we've got the anti-Sherry agent working right now.

Bear Walken : I'm Bear Walken.

Sherry : Oh son of a bitch!

Bear : We need to curb the write-offs a bit. And that's no way to talk about your mother.

Sherry : Fine......wait, what?

Fangoram : That's what we would call in our English tea club an "oh snap."

Bunji : Stop talking normally Fangoram, that's not in your contract.

Fangoram : Well, I re-negotiated, bitches.

Zell : Well, damn. I want a new contract. I need to increase my cupcake allowance to ease my hooker pains.

Sherry : I need the chronic-what-cles of Narnia.

Garino : Can we please just shoot over to the next scene please?


Doorbell : *Ding-Dong*

Don : Well, that's them. Bear, get the plates set up. Bunji, lock the wolves in the basement. Zell, put your pants back on. Sherry, must stay there.

Sherry : Son of a bitch.

Bear : What did I say about your mother?

Sherry : Wha?

Don : Fangoram, eat shit and die, Garino, get the door.

Fangoram : How about I kick the bloody piss out of ya?

Don : Super captain Doooo....

Fangoram : *Kicks the bloody piss out of Don*

Zell : I've been years for that. In fact, I feel like I should pay to see that. Who do I pay?

Bear : I'm Bear Walken, and that'll be ten dollars.

Zell : Best ten dollars I've ever spent.

Bear : Easiest ten dollars I've ever made.

Garino : *Opens door* Hey guy...oh shiz!

Juji : *Sans clothes* Hey guys, what's up?

Garino : *Runs into bathroom* My eyes!

Bunji : I'll take care of this. *Shoots Juji in the nards* Put on some damn clothes!

Juji : Ahh...dammit. Yes big brother. But brother, can you do a barrel roll?

Bunji : *Shoots Juji in the other Nard* No.

Billy : Ehh...sorry about that guys. He ran off as soon as we pulled in the driveway.

Zell : Alright, welcome extended family. Now who brought the cuppycakes?

Mika : Oi dad, here they are!

Zell : Alright! Now only if someone brought the gumdrops.

Spike : I have gumdrops! Please don't hurt me!

Zell : *Steals Spike's Gumdrops and kicks him in the face* Score, gumdrops! Now is there any apples anywhere?

Grave : ....... ... .. ..... ... *Walks in with barrel full of apples, and throws one at Don*

Zell : Alright! Cuppycakes, gumdrops and apples! And an apple hit Don in the eye!

Don : Son of a bitch!

Bear : *Smacks Don* Stop talking about my wife like that!

Billy : ....wait, what?

Sherry : That's what I'm trying to figure out too.

Juji : I have clothes on, can I come in?

Bunji : OK, but only if you sit at the little kids table with Spike and Fangoram.

Fangoram : Hey, I don't want to be at the little kid's table!

Billy : ....Umm...They get to have fruit punch.

Fangoram : Little kids table, here I come!

Mika : When did Fangoram start talking, mate?

Zell : He re-upped his contract honey.

Billy : Aww man, I need to re-up my contract. Actually, mine ran out a while ago, thus why I haven't been on lately.

Bunji : Actually, you haven't been on because the writers suck.

Billy : That is very true. Maybe I should give them a rose so that they blow up. Maybe then we can get that guy from YouTube to write this.

Zell : Which guy?

Juji : That Kuriboh something guy...you know, that one on there with good videos?

Bunji : Oh, that guy!

Garino : Is Juji clothed?

Fangoram : ....Yes.

Garino : Thank God....Oh my God his clothes disappeared!

Johnny : Got ya!

Don : Johnny, would you like to lead us in the prayer?

Johnny : Dear me, thank me for this wonderful blessing, and please for the love of the father, me, and my younger brother Holy Spirit get A-rod off my team. Amen.

Everyone : Amen.

Zell : Now I hope you're all hungry, because I've made my special Australian Turkey dinner!

Bunji : Let me guess, you made it with a beer can!

Zell : Close, I made it with three kegs of beer!

Garino : Ahh, it'll be better than normal!

Bunji : Well folks, we wanted to let know that we won't be updating this Thursday.

Zell : And we all here at Cerberus OD would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Sherry : And of course, if you're not celebrating Thanksgiving, then you're un-American, or French.

Don : And we all know that the French suck.

HB : There's nothing wrong with the French!

Billy : So Fangoram, say your catchphrase!

Fangoram : What catchphrase?

Bear : You know, the one about Chicken selects.

Fangoram : I don't have to anymore, according to my contract.

Johnny : Read the fine print.

Fangoram : what fine print....wait......dammit! Son of a...

Bear : You finish it, I'll have to beat you down. Now say the line.

Fangoram : .....chicken selects......... *Get's smacked by Grave* GGGGGGRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAVVVVEEEEEEE!




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HX : I saw the Wii today....I want one. And HB, if you make one HX.com or gay joke, I'll kill ya.

HB : I played a PS3 today....and it was good. Very good. I want one.....in the future. Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the win.

HX : I like the Wii better. It's rewarding.

HB : Very very rewarding!