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Gravemon #6

It's the "Oh god, we have no clue what to do" episode.

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*Theme music starts to play*

Gravemon, gotta catch them all....

HX : *comes into scene with baseball bat, smashes boombox, music stops* So freaking completely worth it.


Billy : Finally! Cerulean City! Look at all the attractive females here! I wants me some of that!

Mika : Wow! This is a nice place! I can't wait to find the gym, so I can win the badge and continue on my quest to be a Gravemon master! And to a lesser extent, get friggin' rich.

Grave : *Thumbs up.....and then starts drooling over the hot Gravemon babes in swimsuits....or nothing at all.*

Anderson : *Drools over the nun-ly, scantily clad, Gravemon-babes.* Hey ladies, would you like to get holy-freaky with me?!?!

Billy : Wait, aren't you supposed to be a priest? I'm saying this to protect your character!

Anderson : This is Cerberus OD! Everyone gets holy-freaky!

Mika : Even Juji?

Anderson : Ok, MOST people.

Billy : *Walks over to hot women* Would you like to have a----


Billy : What the....

MF1 : Prepare for trouble!

MF2 : And make it double!

MF1 : To protect the world from devastation!

MF2 : To unite all peoples on X-Box live!

MF1 : To denounce the evils of spammers and laggers

MF2 : And all the people who look like Mick Jagger!

MF1 : Black Widow!

MF2 : Steve Downs!

Together : Team X-Box 360 blasts off at the speed of Live! Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

MasterChiefiowth: MC That's right!

Andersoneotto : That's the most fucked up thing I've seen. And I cross swords with a bloody Vampire!

Mika : Well, whoever you are.....wait, why are you here?

BlackWidow : We want your Graveachu!

Steve : And to a lesser extent, your Andersoneotto.

Graveachu : !?!??!

Andersoneotto : Wait...what?!?!? A lesser extent!

Mika : You can't have them! They are my parters in crime!

Steve : Then we will fight you for them!

BW : Go, Master Chiefiowth!

Mika : Go Graveachu!

Master Chief : *Uses Warthog! It failed.*

Grave : *Uses Cerberus Overdose! It was super-effective! Master Chiefiowth fainted!*

Steve : No!

Andersoneotto : Time to die!!!! *Superkicks all three of them into the sky.*

T360 : Team X-Box 360 is lagging off again!!! *ding*

Billy : That sucked. Let's get Billy some action! Awright!

Mika : Sure! Let's go get that badge!

Billy : Not what I was planning.....

Back to Gravemon!


HB : .....Darkwing Duck.