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Gravemon #7

Here is the part where we make up crap

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Mika : OK, I'm finally ready to to get my...what badge is it?

Billy : I think it's the Cascade badge. But due to copyright laws, we'll call it the Cascaid badge.

Mika : With an I! Take that 4kids!

Andersoneotto : I am not involved in this lawsuit, alright?

Mika : Too late.

Andersoneotto : Crap. I'm owned my Geneon! Geneon!!!

Billy : 4Kids knows not of it. They just wish to take over the world of Anime and make it crappy to all but three months old.

Grave : .......!?!....

Billy : Damn straight.

Harry : Oh, hello. Are you here to challenge me? It's about damn time I was back on the site. I hope I don't die again....I'm going to die again, aren't I?

Andersoneotto : Ohhhhh yeah.

Harry : Wonderful. Anyway, let's fight! Go, Bob Poundmax-achomp.

Bob : Hey Harry, I'm kind of hungry. Can I kill and eat them?

Harry : *Evil Smile, like some sort of game villian that doesn't die in one shot.* OK.

Mika : Go Andersoneotto!

Anderson : What in the hell, woman? Why do I have to fight fatass over there?

Bob : Big-Boned!

Anderson : Yes, that chicken bone in your ass looks good on you, fatass. Your mother called, she wants her moobs back, laddy.

Billy : OH SNAP!

Bob : It's ON!

Harry : Bob, use milk!

Andersoneotto : Hell no! Keep your shirt on, I think it might violate the decency laws of this city.

Bob : Aww....

Mika : Andersoneotto! Use chainwhip!

Andersoneotto : Alright! *Uses whips, which are eaten like Spaghetti by Bob.*

Bob : Mmm...It neaded sauce.

Mika : What the damn?!

Billy : dear lord, I hope that chain was poisoned.

Johnny Damon : Ask, and ye shall receive!

Mika, Andersoneotto, and Billy : Yay!

Harry : Jesus?

Bob : Aww, damn. *Heart Attack* *It's super effective!*

Mika : Graveachu, use triple rocket attack!

Graveachu : *Points coffin at Harry, fires*

Harry : Aww....damns. *Explodes*

Mika : *Pillages Harry's bodies, grabs Cascaid badge* Alright! Now let's go before the cops come!

Billy : I'm way ahead of ya!

HB : Darkwing Duck! Let's get dangerous!

HX : HB, you're a fracking idiot.

HB : What? They don't even had that on Toon Disney anymore!