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This one is all HB's Idea. If it sucks, his fault. If it's cool, then it's HX's idea.


Guess who HB chose as the next Gravemon? If you don't know....HX says you're a freaking idiot.



*Narrator : After our heroes have skillfully evaded the law, they continue their quest to Vermilioixn City. (The X is to avoid a lawsuit.)...*

Mika : If the glove don't fit, you must acquit.

Billy : Mika....you're wearing gloves. They fit just fine.

Mika : The Coch doesn't lie!

Grave : ..........

Andersoneotto : Wench, do you know what you just said?

Mika : No.

Anderson : And do YOU know what you just said, Grave?

Grave : ...?

Anderson : Good, because I don't know what the hell you said either. I'm Anderson, not Billy. I'm WAYYYY cooler.

Billy : Just hold on a second! Do you WANT to get whacked with a guitar?

Anderson : I've been hit with guitars longer than you've been alive. And dead.

Mika : Hey! I just realized that I need another gravemon!

Billy : For all purposes, not really. All of the gym leaders pretty much suck...you can get by with these two alone, and still pretty much wreck them all.

Andersoneotto : That reminds me...how in the hell did you become a Gym Leader without any Gravemon?

Billy : I have my ways.

Andersoneotto : You slept with the head of the Gravemon league, didn't you.

Billy : She was friggin' hot, I was alive, and we were horny!

Mika : Billy, everyone knows that she was a tranny.

Billy : ....don't judge me.

Grave : ................

Anderson : What he say?

Billy : I'm....not going to say.

Mika : I need another Gravemon! And Billy needs a tranny!

Billy : I think you needs to get your ass kick---

Rock Leeasaur : Excuse me, but I heard you arguing, and your loud noises are interrupting my training.

Mika : Are you a Gravemon?

Rock Lee : Against my will.

Billy : Then catch that guy, Mika, and end the friggin' epiosde!

Anderson : Shut up, tranny-lover.

Billy : Ok, I get it!

Grave : ........

Billy : Shut up, Grave!

Lee : Can....I go now?

Mika : ....no! Don't you realize that you are destined to become the next member of our crack team here, to conquer the known Gravemon world, and become legends?

Lee : Sadly...I read the script. The horrible, horrible script.


Lee : Still, not as bad as the Naruto fillers.


Mika : So, will you join us without the un-necessary fight scene?

Lee : Despite the fact that I live for the fight...eh, why not? I'll save myself some trouble, and I'll kick some ass along the way.

Billy : Can you kick Andersoneotto's ass for me?

Lee : Sure, tranny-lover.

Billy : Son of a bitch!!!!

Group - *laughs* *Except Billy, who is crying.*

Narrator - And so our group has gained one new friend! And Billy likes him some Transsexuals! Join us next time for more Gravemon!

Back to Gravemon!


HX : So, new design...is it good?

HB : I like it. It's a change from the same ol' routine.

HX : I like routines.

HB : Do you like.....transsex--

HX : No. I don't share your fetishes, HB.

HB : Hey!.....only on Tuesdays.