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We're 75% there to 100. When we'll reach it...no-one knows.




the Snow!


Blizzards and snow....stuff.


Garino : Ok, you bastards. Get in here....

Bunji : But...Garino....we're sleeping...

Garino : Hey, Bunji. I don't care!

Fangoram : ME WAS DREAMING ABOUT....*sigh* It's too early for that act. Why the hell do you want us here blond, gay, and angry!

Garino : HEY! I may be blond, and possibly gay...but I'm not angry! Anyway, I'm telling you that we've been targeted for destruction...so, we have to kill them in retaliation. You know, like normal.

Don : Sadly, it's true. The News Corporation doesn't like us that much...and with our new news network "WTFU69", they've been trying to kick us off the air. So, we're killing them.

Fangoram : How trite.

Bunji : I don't even know what the hell you said.

Zell : I'm drunk!

Garino : Yeah, so....that's a surprise, how?

Sherry : *runs in, in a hurry!* Guys, guys! I was just watching News Channel 69, and Harry, the Bondage Weatherman just said there is a huge snowstorm out there!

Everyone *but Garino* : And!?!?!

Sherry : I was watching the school closings...and we're closed for the day!

Everyone *but Garino* : YAY!!!!!!!!

Garino : What the hell??!?!? Who hacked into the system?!?!?!?

Zell : Guilty as charged!

Garino : Like hell! Not only are you drunk, you think the way to turn on a computer is to stick your penis in it!

Zell : Well, that may be true.....

Fangoram : Well, I wanted a day off from the stupidity of my daily routine. So, I called in a "favor"...and by that, I mean "threatened to kill them and their families".

Don : Like we usually do it!

Bunji : So.......Who wants to go outside and build snowmen and blow them up with Fangoram's gun?

Everyone : Yay!

Zell : Uhh...that looks like a no go there Bunji...it's kinda blizzarding out there.

Sherry : *looks outside, completely white* Yeah, pretty damn snowy. I don't think we're killing anyone today.

Fangoram : HOORAY!


Bunji : So, what do we do?

Zell : Make a snowman?

Don : Out of Fangoram?

Fangoram : I daresay, I must protest....

Sherry : Sounds like a good idea!

Fangoram : WHAT!?!?!??!?!?!?

*So, they throw Fangoram out the door and lock it.*

*20 minutes later*

Don : So...is he frozen, yet? Dead?

Bunji : *looking out the window...* No...actually, he killed the neighbors, and built an igloo out of their entrails.

Garino : Well, I'll be damned. He smart.

Zell : You're not, obviously. Binky Boy.

Garino : Shut your face!

Bunji : Soo......who wants to blow up Fangoram's Igloo?

Everyone : Already on it!

*Three minutes later*

Don : So....Fangoram turned Zell's gun into a fireplace. Who knew?

Sherry : Wait, I have the perfect idea! Why don't we just go and......*gone*

Garino : Wait, where'd she go?

Zell : I think she disappeared.

Bunji : She written herself out in mid sentence. There's a new one.

Don : I have an idea. How about I just Captain Don Garino until it stops snowing. CAAAAAAAAAPTAAAAIIIIIN DOOOOOOOOO...

Garino : Dynite!

Don : Aww.....crap..........*Statue'd*

Zell : Umm....

Bunji : Cool....

Sherry : .....*She's kinda not here, you know that?*

Garino : ..............

Zell : .....*Opens a beer can*

Fangoram : *Igloo explodes*

Garino : ..........Why do you keep looking at me?

Bunji : ............Umm.......

Zell : Because.......well.......

*Wait for it....*

*Wait for it....*

Zell : Why don't we put Don outside, and dress him up like a snowman? And then, we can fire Fangoram's gun at it!

Everyone : YAY!!!


*twenty minutes later*

SnowDon : *I hate you all...*

Bunji : Hey Garino, don't stick that carrot up Don's ass!

Garino : Hey Bunji! Shut up!

Bunji : Ok.

Fangoram : I like this idea better than the last one. Next time you try that...I kill you all.

Everyone : *laughs!*


(In the end, SnowDon stood out there with stovetop hat, and a button nose, and eyes made out of coal. And a carrot up his ass.)




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HB : So let me tell you a story. I got this phone call while cra----

HX : Alright.....no more of that now, eh?

HB : Ok, fine. Deny the funny.

HX : Once again, need I remind you that the funny does not come out of your ass?

HB : Say that to Jim Carrey.