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This time, with more....umm........stuff.

Narrator : Can I have more lines please?

HB : Shut up, man slave.


Mika : Wow, with my newest Gravemon, I'm ready to defeat anyone that takes me on.

Billy : Mika, you're an idiot. you could have just defeated them by flashing them.

Grave : .................

Anderson : You know.....despite the wrongness of that, it's still kinda hot.

Leeasaur : ......You are all pervs, you know that?

Billy : Yeah, we are. You have a problem with that?

Leeasaur : ......not really. However, I am a gentleman like no other....

Anderson : You're with us. You aren't a gentleman.

Lee : Don't remind me.

*Vermilioixn City Gym*

Billy : I wonder who the gym leader is here?

Mika : Well, it can't be Lt. Sur---

*Grave, Anderson, and Lee all stick hands over Mika's mouth*

Anderson : Lass, do you WANT to get sued?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Grave : ..............!!!!

Lee : Yes, that would be quite bad. Despite the fact that the Wii is selling like...well....Wii.

Anderson : Yeah, in noooo way is anyone going to make a penis joke out of that one. No way, no how.

Gym Leader : Hey, anyone want to play with my Wii? It's white, and I have an extra long Wiimote to play with. And my Nunchucks are round!

Anderson : And no one got the sarcasm.

Mika : I challenge you to a duel! For another useless gym badge!

GL : Ok.

Billy : Wait...is that...Random Merc 126!?!?!?

RM126 : Actually, I'm 125...Lt.125, to you.

Lee : Really? Because you look like 126 to me.

RM125 : No! And how would you know?!?!?!?

Anderson : You all look alike to us. Like the French.

RM125 : Alright you bastards, you're going down. I choose you, Brilliant Dynamite Neon-achu!

Billy : Wait, isn't that what Grave evolves into?

Grave-achu : *Thumbs up*

Andersoneotto : Seriously, who wouldn't want want to evolve into that?

Leeasaur : It sparkles!

Grave-achu : ................

Mika : Grave-achu! Use swear!

Billy : Mika, he just used that. He uses that all the time.

Mika : Shut it Tranny!

RM125 : Neon! Use Blind!

Neon-achu : Sparkly!

Grave-achu : ...!!!!!!!! *Critical damage!*

Mika : Son of a bitch! Grave! Use HellHound roar!

Grave-achu : *Whips out coffin, and fires three rockets*


Grave-achu : ........?

RM125 : *Dead*

Billy : Alright....so we blew up another Gym leader. Great. Mika, take your badge and let's get the hell out of here.

Mika : *Out the door* Already ahead of you.

Billy : You little bastard.....


Neon-achu : Hello? Is anyone there? They kinda killed my master. Does this no longer make me his slave?

Back to Gravemon!

HX : So, you like the new look? We do.

HB : Yeah...all me. HX....no credit here.

HX : Yeah....true.