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This ain't a scene, it's a god damn arms race....with puppies.

This evening's host.....Fangoram


Fangoram : Hello, and welcome to the Cerberus OD After Hiatus special. I am your host, the oh so handsome Fangoram...

Don : *Cough*bullshit*Cough*

Fangoram : Right, up yours. Anyways, as you may not have noticed, the creators of this website, Mr. HB and Mr. HX, have been leading very busy lives. With college, work, social activities, which may or may not involve girlfriends. Also, the reason why I am talking like this is because, I put this voice in my contract. NOW, GETTING ON WITH THE...WHAT THE HELL?!?

HB : We're still the writers, and don't you forget it!

Fangoram : Dammit. Anyways, along with the festivities. Allow me to introduce your stars. First off, Bunji Kugashira.

Bunji : Thank you, thank you. Ladies, Grave, you know where my hotel is. Booyaka.

Fangoram : Right, I think I'm on the verge of vomiting. Speaking of which, allow me to introduce the other star this evening, Zell Braveheart Condorbrave.

Zell : Oi now, if you're wondering about my middle name. Apparently my parents were in love with that Mel Gibson movie. Even though I was born well before 1995. My parents changed my name without me knowing, even though I was an adult. I did like my old first name though. It was....

Fangoram : Ohh...I don't think we can say that on air. The FCC won't allow that.

Zell : Well, they can go f*uck themselves.

Fangoram : Right....and now, for the third main character, Rocketbilly Redcadillac.

Billy : Wow, how'd the hell did I get so high up?

Fangoram : You won the coin toss. And now, everyone else.

Don : Hey, why do you lump us together?

Fangoram : Because I can, Dynite.

Don : Well, son of a bitch...... *Statue*

Bear : I'm Bear Walken, and you better remember who I am, or else I'll force you to spend eternity with Bob and Lee.

Mika : The horrors......

Bear : Don't call my wife names...

Mika : Wha?

Fangoram : Anyways, we shall leave you, with....

Pat Roberson : Hold it! You can't have a special without me to crash it!

Garino : Aww, not you again. Why haven't you died from senile yet?

Pat : Ironically, stem cell research keeps me alive.

Sherry : Your logic defies everything that I held true.

Zell : Sherry, your only logic was that ladies make good loving.

Sherry : And it's faulty how?

Bunji : We're not denying that it is....

Pat : Hey, guys? Pat here? With millions of followers. We're here to kill you, in the name of God. Kinda like the crusades.

Billy : Yeah, how'd that go last time?

Juji : Oh, I know! I know!

Grave : ...................

Bunji : I couldn't have said it better myself. Sans the racial slurs though...

Sherry : Can we just get this over please? I need to be written out soon.

Garino : Fangoram, Bunji, drunken Aussie, statued Don, lesbian that we use for sex appeal, Bear, and the other group of nimrods, you know what to do, right?

Spike : Breakdance?

Garino : ...........that too.

Fangoram : Well folks, we have a lot on our hands, so allow me to leave you, with this....


HB : Fangoram has an awesome, awesome British accent.

HX : Yeah, who knew? It'd be better if we had like, a way to record it. I'm not quite sure how you upload audio here...