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HX : We're sorry we had to use this pic...we can't remember what we did with the other one.


Don : OK, Lenten update time. Who has kept theirs?

Zell : Broke mine before I even made it, mate!

Don : Hey Bunji, have you found Carmen Sandiego yet?

Bunji : Who?

Garino : Thought so. I've kept mine....

*Everyone stares at Garino*

Garino : OK, I lied. Sue me.

Don : Right. Sherry, you keep yours?

Sherry : I made one? I thought I got written out of that one too.

Don : Touche. Well, that means that I'm still superior to you all. Bitchin. Anyways, I have about thirteen different missions for you to complete. Blindfolded.

Fangoram : I WANT A DAY OFF!

Don : Well, no. Why? Because I am Don. And I have multiple personality syndrome. Now I shall sing my theme song. "I am The Don! Ladies flock to me! Holy crap, I am so awesome..."

Fangoram : *Smacks Don with Center Head.*

Garino : Holy shiz! He hit Father! Why didn't I do that earlier? Fangoram, kick him in the nuts for me!

Fangoram : I like to call this one, the Big Pimpin'! *Smacks don with his, well,.....yeah, that.*

Sherry : So, wait, now that Don has been beaten down and humiliated, what are we supposed to do for the rest of today?

Bunji : Day off?

Zell : Day off.

Fangoram : Ya damn straight.

Garino : OK, I'm going back to my room what I'll be listening to Simple Plan while making out to Herb and....

Don : I'm not defeated yet...

Johnny Damon : *Randomly appears* Dynite.

Don : Son of a....

Johnny : Yeah, I am the son of God. Boo-yah! *Randomly disappears*

Zell : Who says "Boo-yah" now a days?

Sherry : Apperently Jesus.

Bunji : Well, that's fine by me then.

Zell : So, what are you all doing on your day off? I'm voting for the drinking.

Sherry : I'm going to be written out.

Bunji : Sherry, you do that even when you're working.

Sherry : ...Oh yeah, I forgot. *Disappears*

Fangoram : Well, I vote for curling up in bed, by a fireplace, and reading Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter, with a cup of Earl Gray...

Bunji : You're going drinking with us.

Fangoram : You want to be smacked with my woo-ha? Like Dynite there?

Don : Buenos Dias, I am Don Suave....*statue'd*

Zell : .....the hell? That's never happened before...

Bunji : I think that we should save that for another WWFD...

Zell : Don't go breaking the fourth wall now...

Fangoram : Right, how about you blokes do this...you go get plastered, and I'll be here reading my classic lit. If you don't abide by these terms, I will smack you with my big guns.

Bunji : ....Well, I think Grave shouldn't be busy...so, let's go get drunk!

Grave : *Randomly appearing* ...........!

Bunji : My foul mouthed friend and compatriot, let us get shitfaced!

Zell : AMEN, mate!

Grave : ...........!


And so, having statue'd the evil Don, our heroes set off on another journey. One filled with alcohol, more alcohol, and....well, super special awesome.







Back to WWFD!

HB : That wasn't the original Don song I came up with....

HX : I forgot what you said, so....yeah. Cheers.

HB : How could you forget! It was epic....with excretion.

HX : Speaking about excretion, that's what your song sounded like.

HB : .....

HX : Like shit.

HB : ......

HX : From the butt.