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This time, with more Super Mario Bros references! And my "more", we mean "none!"

Nsrrator : On our last episode of Gravemon, our heroes did some crap. No-one really cares about Mika. She's just there for the sex appeal.

Bily : Well, now that we're wanted for murder in two seperate towns, maybe now's the time to run off to the next gym, Ceradon City.

Mika : Did that narrator say that I'm the sex appeal? I'm smexy!

Leeasaur : I think that may be illegal in most of America.

Anderson : Not in Arkansas! But who gives a crap about that place?

Mika : I do!

Grave : *Smacks Mika*

Billy : Seriously, anyone that's not retarded hates that place.

Mika : Daddy always said I was special.

Anderson : The way he drinks, I'd said that he's special too.

Mika : Horray for beer!

Billy : Note to my self, I hate you all.

Leeasaur : I've been saying that the whole time! I especially hate you, ghosty-boy.

Billy : What did I ever do to you?

Lee : Live, slacker.

Anderson : Ouch. Very, very ouch.

Grave : .......

Billy : Don't lie Grave, you would have gone there 110 times over!

Mika : He's got a point.

Billy : Can we just go? Please?

Mika : I think there's a shopping town coming up! With a gym!

Lee : What's it called?

Mika : Damned if I know.

Anderson : Ceradon City. It's getting closer....

Mika : What's getting closer Andersoneotto?

Anderson : .....none of your business!

Grave : *Smacks Anderson, because he can*

Billy : Ok, let's just get going.


Bear : Rival...I will avenge my loss to your dumb, dumb ass. Because simply, I am Bear ******* Walken. And you're not.

Balladbird Leemelion: *Licks fire-y sword. Kinda gayly.*

Bear : *Sigh....*



HX *Playing the NEW Super Mario Bros. for the DS, kicking ass with Luigi*

HB : Well, HX still wants your friend codes. Meanwhile....I have to say this...I like big butts. And I cannot lie.