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The amazing sequel to the first part.

When we last left off with out "heroes", they had just bought some beer, and Zell was talking about his penis with Hulk Hogan. God help us all....


Zell : ...So I told him, you can kiss my....

Bunji : Ok......stepping away from that...Does anyone know how we are going to find this magical Shiv?

Fangoram : I think it's located in the deep abyss called YouTube.

Zell : YouTube? How the hell are we going to do that?

Bunji : Drink?

Sherry : Have you guys ever thought of using a computer?

Bunji : Where the Hell did you come? Holy crap!

Zell : Wait, I just had a thought.....*Opens a beer* There we go....Best thought ever.

Bunji : Wait, that doesn't answer the question on how she got....ahh, who cares.

Sherry : Anyways, I here to give you some questions. Because if you guys actually complete this mission, you'll be romantic heroes.

Fangoram : Like hell we will!

Sherry : Question 1 : Heroes are always handsome.

Bunji : That's more of a statement, really.

Sherry : Well, there's more like rules to live by. But answer them anyways.

Fangoram : I'm hating this already.

Zell : Well, I consider myself pretty handsome. At least, it's what the wenches say about me.

Bunji : And by wenches, he means himself. And I'm Canadian, that automatically makes me hot.

Sherry : nd you're both lying out of your asses. Statement 2 : Heroes should never fall off of their horse.

Zell : Is that a literal horse, or a metaphor horse? Because I've done both.

Bunji : If by horse, you mean by horse you mean my penis, then no, I've never fallen off of it.

Fangoram : Well, just so yo know, I'm quite the excellent horse rider.

Bunji : So does that mean you ride my penis well?

Fangoram : ........When was the last time your penis was ever ridden on?

Bunji : When was the last time you rode a horse?

Sherry : Statement 3 : If they do fall off of their horse, they do no swear.

Zell, Bunji, Fangoram : *Censored*

Sherry : Statement 4 : Heroes do not start brawls in brothels.

Zell : Hey, I didn't start the brawl, I ended it. And then the ladies gave me a discount because they loved me big Guns.

Bunji : I'm married. To a Man.

Fangoram : OK, so I started one freaking brawl. She made fun of my Mr. Fangoram the III.

Sherry : Statement 5 : Heroes do not have trouble keeping their secretaries?

Zell : We have secretaries?

Sherry : Statement 6: Heroes always keep their temper.

Bunji : F**K that.

Fangoram : Have you forgotten that we're from? Gun-Freaking-Grave.

Zell : We've done like, almost 80 WWFD's. We kill people.

Sherry : *Sigh* Statement 7 : Heroes should not fantasize about the breast of their female secretaries.

Zell : Of course we don't. We just oggle yours instead.

Bunji : Wait, we have secretaries? With Breast?

Sherry : Statement 8 : Heroes should be romantic.

Fangoram : Well, Mr. Fangoram the III is always romantic.

Sherry : Statement 9 : Heroes no not confuse romance with love making.

Fangoram and Bunji : Well, that's a lie right there.

Zell : Well, wait a minute, I've been selected "Mr. Drunken Romantic Love Maker" Three years running.

Sherry : Last one. #10 : Heroes should be transported by true love.

Garino : Define "Transported"?

Zell : Garino? What the hell?

Bunji : Garino, what have i told you about randomly transporting into scenes that don't involve you?

Garino : Final boss powers! *Garino and Sherry disappear*

Bunji :..........I hate him.

Fangoram : Hey, look, it's the entrance to the YouTube!

Zell : Didn't we have to...

Bunji : Shut up and lets keep looking.

*They somehoe walk into a website. Don't think about that too much. We know it makes no sense. What do you expect?*

*About a day later*

Zell :...So I told him to keep suc.....

Bunji : Hey, Zell, shut up.

Fangoram : Hey, look! It's the shiv! Horray!

Zell : Aww man, why'd it have to be next to the emo videos?

Bunji : Well, that's because the emo's use the shiv to cut themselves.

Fangoram : alright, let's grab it and get out of here.

Zell : *Grabs the Shiv* Holy poo, it's glowing.

Jay-Z : Alright, who summoned the magical genie of the shiv?

Bunji : Jay-Z?

Fangoram : Considering we are holding the shiv, i guess we did.

Jay-Z : Well, I will grant you each one wish if you can answer my riddles.

Bunji : Fine.

Jay : Jigga wha?

Fangoram : Dammit...

Zell : Stand back, I know rapenese. Jigga who?

Jay : Jigga wha?

Zell : Jigga who?

Jay : Jigga wha?

Zell : Jigga you.

Jay : Damn. You win. I will grant your wishes....after I relocate the Nets to Brooklyn.

Fangoram, Zell, Bunji : *Pull out guns*


Zell : Well, I want beer. Lots and lots of beer. More than what an AA meeting can ever consume.

Jay : You got in done. It's all in your crib.

Zell : for the record, I may or may not have gotten rid of my crib.

Jay : Mr. Bunji, what would you desire?

Bunji : ...I got it. *Unzips pants* Alright! Thanks J!

Jay : Eww.....Mr. Fangoram?

Fangoram : Wait, what are we supposed to do about Don?

Zell : Who cares about Don?

Fangoram : True. I want every encyclopedia ever written. First edition.

Jay : You sure you don't want something a bit more Gangsta?

Fangoram : True.......make it a pony instead.

Jay : Your wish is my command. But what about your friend, Don?

Bunji : Easy. Dynite.

*At jail*

Don : I refuse to take off my....*Statued*

Bubba : Hey, look. White-meat.

Larry : But he's all stone like!

Bubba : Nothing a home-made drill can't fix.

Don : *Thinking* Shit.



HX : In America.

HB : Our e-mail account, ameliagabriev@yahoo.com now has a personal up! If you are a woman seeking a woman, Amelia is your girl. And by "amelia", we mean "us."

HX : By that, we mean that we're desperate.

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