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Bear is back....and he means business.

Narrator : Last time......who cares....We all know that I'm the real star of this show...

Billy : You lie and you know it!

Narrator : Shut it, ghosty-boy, or else I'll write in that you get a sex change in this episode.

Andersoneotto : Do it!

Mika : Do it!

Leeasaur : Do it!

Grave : ......!

Billy : If I wasn't already dead, I'd kill myself. But I can always kill you guys...

Leeasaur : Billy, you couldn't kill us....we're too awesome to die. You're just the comic relief.

Billy : Man, why don't you kick me in the face, already.

Leeasaur : I would, but you're a freaking ghost. It's kinda hard to hit you.

Billy : I could always kill you, you know? That would solve my problem, at least.

Leeasaur : No thanks, I feel quite alright being alive, because if I died, I'd be just like you, and that's never a good thing.

Billy : You know, I hate you all...especially Andersoneotto.

Andersoneotto : what the Hell did I do to you?

Billy : Live.

Andersoneotto : You know what I hate you for? Existing.

Bear : You know why I hate the both of you? Because neither of you are Bear Walken, and I am.

Mika : Holy crap, I finally get a line!

Grave : ..........

Bear : Mika, I've come to challenge you, because beating up hookers with my Gravemon tends to get old after a while.

Billy : But wouldn't she technically be a hooker too?

Bear : .......good point...

Mika : I'm not a hooker!

Bear : But I'm still going to beat you, with Ballardbird Leemelion.

Leeasaur : You mean after 9 or so episodes, you still only have that one fruitcake?

Bear : Hey, don't blame me, blame the hookers and the writers.

Billy : What did HB and HX do to Mika?

US : Nothing. Just keep going.

Bear : Anyway, let's just get on with it.

Mika : Fine, I choose you, Andersoneotto!

Andersoneotto : GET THE HELL OVER HERE, GHOST! *Uses Bayonet Chain against Billy*

Billy : HELL NO! *Running away*

Mika : O...k...I choose you, Leeasaur.

Lee : Fine, because I always wish to get stronger! *to kill all of you*, YOSH!

Bear : Anyway, Leemelion, go, and for the love of Jesus, don't embarrass me!

Johnny Damon: Hey, don't drag me into this! My week is complicated as is!

Mika : Drag? Why are you talking about Billy's lover again!

*Meanwhile....Anderson is still chasing Billy with the Bayonet whip.*

Bear : Go, Lee! Use flamethrower!

Balladbird Lee : *Uses a flame thrower!*

Rock Lee : *Dodges because he's ultrafast, and punches Balladbird in the face.*

Bear : Use the gayly sword!

BBL : *Uses the pink, gayly sword....shooting out a white light from the tip. Rock Lee dodges....it hits Billy.*


BBL : Maybe....

Jesus Damon : ....This is your one miracle, Billy. SHAZAM! *Heal*

Billy : Thanks! Can you bring me to life, too?

Johnny Christ : Nope, not today!

Billy : ....*sigh*...maybe I'll have to search for the magical shiv of destiny....*Bayonet Whip almost hit's guitar* Holy crap!

Andersoneotto : Get the hell over here!

Mika : Lee! Use 4 gates, plus hidden lotus!

Lee : *Destroys Balladbird Lee*

Bear : ....you know, I should probably get more Gravemon. But...well...I'm Bear Walken.

Mika : Hooray! Now give me money bitch!

Grave : .....

Leeasaur : Man, you really are like a hooker...


Unknown Rival : .....Well, I've taken the day off from singing. I'm hiding from K....I'm going to throw Kumagoro at people. Na no da. Ha ha ha....

*Gravitation anyone?*




HX : THIS. IS....

HB : For the last time, we are not in Sparta!

HX : Heh heh....you said "Sparta"

HB : Hey. Shut up.

HX : *Thumbs up*