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Mysterious Island! Giant Gravemon?!?!?


Narrator : After our heroes indirectly caused a shipwreck...well, mostly Billy and his tranny-loving tendencies...they awoke to find themselves on a mysterious island....with Mika and Billy separated from the Gravemon!*

Mika : *wakes up...* Owww...what the hell happened?

Billy : I think I was making out with the captain of the ship...and well, it crashed. But the captain was a hot woman, so....awwright!

Mika : Billy, the captain was a guy. With a penis. He flashed Grave, Lee and I when we were drinking.

Billy : But...she had breasts!

Mika : ....and balls.

Billy : Aww! Not again!!!!!!

Mika : Wait....how in the hell did you make out with someone? You're a ghost!

Billy : *Disturbed* I have my ways!

Mika : Whatever. Hey Grave.....Grave? Lee? Andersoneotto?!?!?!? Where are my Gravemon!?!?!??

Billy : Damned if I know.

Mika : I just have this Fangoram from the ship, which I am obviously not going to let out since it is my trump card for the next gym battle, despite it probably going to be helpful in finding my Gravemon.

Billy : I vote for ditching them.

Mika : Well...if we did, then we wouldn't have a show. So, let's find them, tranny-lover!

Billy : One day, I will wake up, and bring the wrath of God upon you.


Anderson : Aww....were are we?

Grave : .............

Lee : You know, I don't know either.

Anderson : .....Why? Why did I get stuck with you. I'd rather get stuck with an Alucardmar. At least I can stab him with my Bayonets of God.

Lee : *looks up* Would *that* be an Alucardmar?

Anderson : *Looks up and sees a 90 foot Alucardmar* Yep. Kind of. Excuse me folks, I'm going to get my stabby on.

Grave : ...........

Lee : I agree, this will be fairly entertaining.

*3 minutes later*

Anderson : That wasn't an Alucardmar! That was a giant Alucardmar robot!

Lee : ....Yep, thanks for getting motor oil on me. Ass.

Grave : ............. *wiping off oil and machine parts*

Anderson : ....This was an even bigger abomination against God! Come on guys, let's destroy more of these things!

Grave : *Shrugs shoulders.*

Lee : Sounds good to me too.

*They run off.*


Mika : This one time, at band camp....

Billy : I don't want to know....

Mika : I dressed like Hulk Hogan, and then leg-dropped my councilors, and sent them all to the hospital. Brother.

Billy : That's....pretty scary....

Mika : Then I stuck a french horn up my pussy.

Billy : AWWWW!!!! I knew it was coming! Now I can never look at a french horn the same way again!


Lee : Ok, I took out the Bowling Trophyew robot, Grave took out the the giant Garfieldchop, and Anderson destroyed the Casino Manageratatta.

Anderson : Every single one of them Robotic Abortions against God.

Grave : ........................

Lee : Yeah, what HAS crawled up your ass, turned sideways, orgasmed, and then had a family up there?

Anderson : Was that you, or was that Grave?

Lee : All Grave. I'm never that crude! Yosh!

Anderson : Whatever. HEY! There's a BLWazaam! Let's kill it!

Grave : ......



Billy : Mika, I think we found out the answer to the mystery of this island!!!

Mika : Yes! And I want an ice cream!

Billy : .....Hey, why are most of the giant robotic Gravemon destroyed?

Mika : If I'd guess, I'd say Andersoneotto called them "abortions against God", and went crazy. The other two probably just joined in.

Billy : Fine. Let's go get them....

Mika : HELL NO! I haven't gotten my Fosters Flavored Ice-Cream yet!

Billy : If we don't get them now, WE'RE getting arrested.


*3 minutes later*

Lee : Who know you had to destroy all of the enegry cores to kill that piece of crap.

Grave : ......

Lee : You did not tell us so!

Anderson : Ok! Now, let's beat up that....roller coaster?!?!

Lee : Wait...

Grave : .........

Mika : Yeah, we're at the world famous DON'S GRAVEMON AMUSEMENT CENTER AND THEME PARK. And you just destroyed most of his Giant Robotic Gravemon.

Billy : ......yeah!

Anderson : But...abortions against God!

Grave : .......

Lee : But at least we gained, like, 50 levels!

Mika : Oh! Good stuff! Well, gang, let's all get Foster's Flavered Ice Cream!

All : Yay!

Billy : I have a feeling....that someone is going to pay for this....SOOOOO......

*5 minutes later*

Don : Who did this to my giant robots!

Security Guard : We found this note saying "Juji Did It."

Don : That bastard!


Mysterious Figure : When will I make my debut?!?!? Na no da!


Back to Gravemon!

HB : Our God is an Awesome God.....he reigns from Heaven and Earth....

HX : Who wants to challenge the great one at Pokemon Diamond?!?!? Come on! Bring it!